Pennies is delighted and proud to have received a royal ‘seal of approval’ from Princes Harry and William.

Prince Harry Visits NYC - Day 2Commenting about the electronic charity box, Prince Harry said:

“Pennies’ idea of using your card to pay into an electronic charity box is simple but brilliant.  It makes giving a few pence to charity, including smaller charities which often miss out, so easy.

My brother and I are right behind Pennies, and wish them every success with this great, ground-breaking initiative.”

The princes’ endorsement was also reported in a news article about Pennies published in the News of the World on Sunday 21 November.

Alison Hutchinson, CEO of The Pennies Foundation, commented:  “We are very excited and grateful to be supported by Princes Harry and William. Following our recent launch with Domino’s, we are continuing working with retailers to extend Pennies’ availability and thus to raise more funds for charities of all sizes.”


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