The Philanthropy Review published its call to action, this week, with the aim of encouraging people to give more to charities.  The review placed emphasis on three key points which closely mirror Pennies aims:

  • To make it easier for people to give
  • To encourage giving
  • To help make giving a social norm

It highlighted a number of complimentary methods for assisting the delivery of an extra £2bn to charities by 2015. The review also places a strong focus on education in order to develop a new social norm of giving among school leavers who have engaged with charitable giving from an early age by 2020.  Since being published there has been a highly positive response to the action plan, drawing a range media attention.  This included an article by David Mills on The Guardian Voluntary Network, who invited our comment for inclusion.

The Pennies Foundation CEO, Alison Hutchinson, contributed to the review.  She said: “We are pleased to have worked with the Philanthropy Review, and welcome their call to action particularly the focus on making giving easy and the call to up the threshold on Gift Aid for small cash donations. Considered giving and encouraging those who have to give more is absolutely right.  At the other end of the giving spectrum, micro-donation also has a valuable role to play, particularly as the way we shop changes to become card-based and more immediate. Channels like Pennies, the electronic charity box, enable individuals to have more choice about giving to fit with their daily lives.

“Rounding up your extra pennies on the bill at a restaurant or shop and giving the proceeds to charity is simple, spontaneous and affordable –a charity box for the modern age. Pennies, and other micro-donation channels, encourage more people to give, and therefore can contribute to the creation of a new generation of philanthropists, particularly amongst the 16-34’s.  Pennies and the Philanthropy Review clearly have shared aims in making giving to charity a social norm. While a cultural shift is needed in attitudes towards charitable giving, we believe that technology has an important role in making giving  easy.”

Pennies allows customers who make purchase by card to choose to donate their electronic change.  It’s simple, it’s private and even just a few pennies add up to make a big difference. Pennies was created by a charity, The Pennies Foundation, as a way of bringing the traditional cash charity box up-to-date for card and internet payments. Pennies went live in November 2010 and currently has three retail partners: Domino’s Pizza, Zizzi and Travelodge, with more going live  in the next few weeks. In the months since launch, more than half a million ‘pennies’ donations have been received, adding up to over £115,000 which has gone to charities up and down the country


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