When a child is seriously or terminally ill, making sure they still have the opportunity to enjoy being a kid can be just as difficult as ensuring they get the medical care and support they need.  That’s why the work that Rays of Sunshine do is so important.  The wish-granting charity gives sick children across the UK the chance to enjoy a huge variety of life-enhancing activities, and for the past 12 months, your pennies have been helping them achieve this.

Thousands of customers ordering a pizza online from Domino’s Pizza, or shopping in store at The Fragrance Shop, are generously donating a few pence to charity via Pennies when they pay by card, so far raising over £74,000 for Rays of Sunshine. Domino’s customers alone donate enough money to grant a wish every day, wishes like Faith’s.

Faith - Lorraine Pascale - Rays of SunshineFaith is 13 and has a passion for baking. She bakes bread for her family every week and one day hopes to run her own restaurant. However, Faith is also living with kidney failure and her condition entails 3 four-hour sessions of dialysis every week.

This year, Rays of Sunshine fulfilled Faith’s wish to cook with their ambassador Lorraine Pascale.  Travelling by limousine to Cafe Caldesi in London with her aunty and brother, Faith was shown by Lorraine how to make Red Velvet cupcakes and a Swiss Roll – taking care to not to use salt or chocolate which Faith must avoid due to her condition.

“I had the most wonderful time. Lorraine was so patient and answered all my questions. I can’t thank Rays of Sunshine enough for making my special wish come true,” said Faith.

Lorraine Pascale also said how much she loved spending time with Faith. “It was a real honour to meet a young lady with a genuine passion for cooking. I really hope she gets to fulfil her ambition of opening a restaurant one day and putting her amazing knowledge of cooking to use.”

By donating just 5p a time, customers at The Fragrance Shop raise around £500 every single week for Rays of Sunshine, exactly what is costs to fulfil a wish like Faith’s and to give a child a day to remember to the rest of their life.


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