Domino’s and Pennies have been thrilled to see that so many pizza-lovers have been rounding up their Domino’s pizza orders to the nearest pound.

Domino’s customers have raised nearly £50,000 in just two weeks for Domino’s UK supported charity, Teenage Cancer Trust. This is more than they would normally raise within this timeframe, so Domino’s and Pennies would like to thank you for your generosity!

Right now, every 60 minutes, your donations have been raising enough to fund 10 hours of tailored support for a young person with cancer. By rounding your pennies to pounds in support of an incredible cause, you are saving lives every day.

It’s incredible to see how we can continue to support those in need when we pull together, despite the current climate and recent social distancing.

Molly’s Story

Since 1990, Teenage Cancer Trust have been providing specialist care and support for young people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Your donations go towards helping people like Molly, 17, from Lincolnshire, who had six rounds of chemo and spent 180 nights in hospital, but found joy and normality through Teenage Cancer Trusts’ help.

Molly said,

“I was able to go in a Teenage Cancer Trust day room when I felt well enough and watch TV with my family and just feel normal. There were always activities happening as well that I could join in with and it took my mind off things. I made some friends and we would just talk about normal things most of the time and laugh and joke around.”

In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the team at Teenage Cancer Trust have been working especially hard to continue supporting young people with cancer through these times, and making sure they get the best possible advice on how coronavirus may affect them.

However, the crisis has meant most of their fundraising activities and events have been cancelled – so Teenage Cancer Trust needs your support now, more than ever.

Alison Hutchinson, CEO of Pennies says:

“Thank you to all of Dominos customers choosing to donate with Pennies. We are humbled to see the generosity of people during these unprecedented and challenging times. We are witnessing record breaking levels of donations from Domino’s online channels, proving that even in our isolation – we are coming together, more than ever, to make a difference.”

How do I ‘round up’ my Domino’s delivery order?

Rounding up your Domino’s order is easy and can be done online when you’re making your payment through our Pennies digital charity box.

Thanks to the generosity of all you pizza fanatics at home, Domino’s and Pennies have been able to raise over £5,000,000 since 2010 across all of Domino’s supported charities – from over 24,500,000 micro-donations!

Round up your Domino’s pizza order today to make a micro-donation that will go towards helping young people like Molly at Teenage Cancer Trust.


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