Receiving the majority of pennies from BuySpares customers is Birmingham-based League Of Friends Of John Taylor Hospice where nearly £3000 of donations received so far via Pennies are helping to keeping vital services running day in day out. These donations have made a difference both in assisting the charity to purchase essential equipment and make the wishes of terminally ill patients come true.

LoF_-hospice-care-resizedThe funding helped the charity purchase an Entonox for John Taylor Hospice, a gas and air machine essential for providing relief to a patient suffering overwhelming pain on movement. The funding was able to make ‘a big impact upon a gentleman’s quality of life’ explains Sarah Fisher, Hospice Palliative Services Manager.

Donations also helped a patient achieve a wish to spend a short time away with her daughter which would not have been possible due to financial issues. With a self-employed partner and a daughter who had taken time off to support her mum at the hospice, the patient was worrying as financially things have been difficult. Donations to the League of Friends of John Taylor Hospice helped ensure that her wish was could come true very quickly.

“The League of Friends of John Taylor Hospice have a commitment to making a difference for  patients, carers and families and helping in this way is so important,”   explains Mike Overton, Chair of the League Of Friends. The pennies donated at BuySpares help ensure the charity can continue to support patients and their loved ones to have the very best of care.


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