Buyspares launched with Pennies earlier this year and since then thousands of their customers have chosen to round up their online purchases and donate the change to charity.

John Taylor - FABReceiving the majority of those pennies is Birmingham-based John Taylor Hospice, where over £1,200 of donations received so far via Pennies are helping to keeping vital services running day in day out. One service recently introduced is the Fatigue, Anxiety and Breathlessness Self Management Programme, otherwise known as FAB.

The FAB programme helps patients experiencing difficulties coping with the symptoms of their illnesses overcome these challenges by taking part in a nine week innovative series of sessions.

“The programme gives people the knowledge to understand their condition and to develop coping strategies and skills to feel more confident in managing their everyday lives,” explains Faye Collins, Hospice Clinical Specialist in Occupational and Physiotherapy.

“It also helps them to feel more in control of their symptoms, which can often be quite frightening, rather than their illness controlling them. This ultimately can result in improved quality of life.”

The programme also involves pharmacists, psychologists, dieticians, social workers and nursing staff. Improvements are already evident for people who have attended the sessions and learnt techniques to improve their breathing control, including participating in Tai Chi style exercise sessions to encourage movement and physical activity.

Each day John Taylor Hospice gets more than 200 new referrals for their services and each day it costs them £12,500 to keep everything running. Donations you make on the Buyspares website will contribute towards these services and make sure successful programmes like FAB can reach more people.


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