Running a helpline that provides advice, support and information is an important aspect of the work carried out by several of the charities benefiting from Pennies donations.

One of the helplines that yourAmy cook and sister spare change contributes to is the AdviceLine service provided by Carers UK.  AdviceLine is a crucial way for some of the 6 million carers in the UK to get the correct advice and information they need.

Although Carers UK is more often associated with older carers, its services are also used by younger people who look after siblings or parents. Amy, 18, gave up a career and university course to care for both her mother who was disabled by a severe stroke, and her sister Katie who has cerebral palsy. Amy phoned the AdviceLine after she had received the wrong information about the support to which her family was entitled. Carers UK were able to make sure she had the right advice and provide her with easy to understand information about who she should contact and what her family’s entitlements are.

Carers say that good quality advice and information like this is the most important thing that helps them in their caring role. The AdviceLine is one of the specialist ways Carers UK provides this information but to keep it running funds have to be raised from voluntary sources and the general public.

Your pennies can really make a difference for carers like Amy who use the service. An information pack that is sent out to every carer following a letter, email, or phonecall like Amy’s costs Carers UK around £5. The money donated so far through Pennies has amounted to £10,000 for Carers UK, helping them to ensure that nearly 900 carers get the advice and information they need.

Find out more about Carers UK and the people they support with the help of your pennies.


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