As your donations continue to add up every day, it’s great to hear how charities are using the money raised to make a real impact on people’s lives. So far, £13,500 has been raised for each of the charities that share 25% of every donation. One of these charities is Youth Music, who are beginning to roll out the next phase of their successful Music Mentor programme.

Mentors-Youth MusicThe programme supports music-making organisations to mentor young children and teenagers, building their confidence and social skills by coaching them individually in order to achieve on a musical level and a social level.

Disadvantaged children supported by this programme have been able to form relationships with mentors, using music as the common ground. For many, like seventeen-year-old Janine, this has supported them to make significant changes to their knowledge and behaviour.

“My improvement is down to Youth Music Mentors. I didn’t use to care about other people, but now I do,” says Janine.

“Because my mentors have shown me respect, I have to show respect back, not just to them, but to everyone.”

Money raised via Pennies is helping Youth Music to reach more young people like Janine and work with them using music to improve their social and personal skills, moving them towards education, training or employment.

As they roll out the next stage of this programme, the charity is aiming to deliver placements, training, coaching and resources to support the development of more than 200 music mentors, who will themselves work with over 2,800 young people aged 11-25.

It costs just £67 a month to provide one disadvantaged person with a Youth Music Mentor to help improve their social, personal and musical skills. The thousands of pounds raised for Youth Music so far via Pennies will help them reach more young mentees, meaning the donations you choose to add to your day-to-day transactions are helping to make a long term impact on young people’s lives.


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