Last year The Entertainer opened its first Scottish store in Glasgow and with it began supporting locally based Yorkhill Children’s Charity via Pennies. The charity works hard to support the many sick children who have to spend days, months and years attending Yorkhill Hospital, some with minor ailments and some fighting for their lives.

ScoYCC thank you WEBttish customers quickly demonstrated their support for the cause with donations flooding in to raise over £2,500 so far. That money has been fed in to a crucial project to upgrade and extend the neonatal monitoring equipment in the specialist Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Yorkhill Children’s Hospital.

£250,000 was needed to make this project a reality. Thanks to the total being reached, the neonatal team were able to install state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, and integrate bedside computers across all 16 intensive care and high dependency cots in Ward 2B.

The enhanced and additional equipment now provides the highest specification of monitoring which improves the care given to some of Scotland’s most vulnerable babies.  None of this would be possible without donors at all levels and those donations of a few pence a time really do add up quickly, even when they are being made in just a couple of stores (Glasgow and Livingston). Thank you to all 7,500 of you who donated!


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