For the first two years after Pennies launched in November 2010, Carers UK has been one of ten charities to benefit from a share of 25% of every donation. Since the end of the last year, the charity has continued to receive donations from some of our retail partners, using these pennies to help support carers around the UK

sherry-terry-resized-300x177One of the helpful services they provide is an online forum, where they can connect with others in similar situations, share experiences and advice, and make friends.

Sherry and Terry are round the clock carers for their son William, 14, who was born with a rare genetic degenerative disease called MECP2 Duplication Syndrome. Both parents work and juggle caring shifts at home in order to give William the care he needs and support their family, which includes younger brother George, 13 and older siblings Jade, 24 and Colby, 22.

“It has been a long and difficult journey. We have been carers now for 14 years. It’s tough to talk about it, it’s tough to live with it, but when we see William well it makes it all worthwhile,” says Sherry.

One of the ways Carers UK helps people like Sherry and Terry is by connecting carers with people going through similar experiences who understand some of the feelings associated with caring. The online forum is a great way to do this, giving people access to both information and to online friendships.

“They are always there. We’ve been able to find help with practical information and have found support sharing experiences with other carers online.”

It costs just £15 to fund an hour of essential online support from Carers UK. With nearly £25,000 raised for Carers UK through Pennies so far, that’s the equivalent of over 1600 hours of online support! And the small electronic change you keep donating help ensure that 13,000 people using the online forum continue to have this lifeline to turn to.


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