Long before Pennies was even a fleeting, hopeful thought in someone’s mind, back when Chip & PIN sounded more like an order at the local chippy than a way to pay, many of our charity partners were already familiar household names.

For more than 25 years, identifying abuse and making it stop has been ChildLine’s mission. Just one of the services provided by Pennies beneficiary charity NSPCC, your pennies are now helping them to launch a new ground-breaking service to give children the knowNSPCC-Schools-Service-Img2-for-webledge to stop abuse.

Across the UK, many primary school children are suffering abuse or neglect. However, whether it’s through fear or lack of information, children can wait months, or even years, before getting any kind of help. Some suffer in silence for so long – at the hands of those who are meant to protect them – they can believe what’s happening is normal.

The next stage of ChildLine’s work is its Schools Service, which aims to protect a generation of children, one primary school at a time.

By 2016, ChildLine hopes that its trained volunteers will have visited every primary school in the UK, helping children understand abuse, giving them the confidence to talk, and showing them who’s ready to listen. They’ll continue to visit each of these schools every two years.

The NSPCC is one of ten charities that share a percentage of donations made at some of our retailers. So far, these pennies have added up to £25,000 for the charity, money that could help ChildLine continue to expand its services into primary schools. It costs just £12 to help reach one child and £800 for one school. That means the pennies you’ve donated so far to the NSPCC could have helped cNSPCC-Schools-Service-Img1-for-webover the cost of going into over 30 primary schools! It’s just a small change to most people but the next time you see the option to donate via Pennies, remember your donation could help ChildLine give children the knowledge to stop abuse, and protect a generation.


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