Just like pressing the ‘enter’ button on a card terminal, picking up a phone to make a call is something most of us do every day. But both of these can also be significant acts that help change someone’s life for the better.

Jill-RNIBEvery time you donate through Pennies, part of your spare change helps RNIB continue to run important services for people who have lost their sight. As well as sharing 25% of every donation, RNIB is also the main recipient charity of donations made online at Contact Lenses Express and altogether they’ve received well over £13,500 so far.

These donations help fund services like the RNIB Helpline, ensuring that support for people who have lost their sight is just a phone call away. For Jill, who lost her sight at 19 years old over just a matter of weeks after developing diabetic retinopathy, this support helped her through this terrifying and devastating experience.

“The Helpline is invaluable,” says Jill. “There are so many times I’ve used it, for so many different things.”

After calling the helpline, Jill was pointed towards the right appliances to help around the house and products that would help her continue her education and become more independent.

“It’s brilliant that there’s someone at the end of the phone who can say ‘this is the person you need to talk to, they’ll be able to help you out’. My life would be very different without RNIB. It would be a lot tougher,” she explains.

RNIB responds to every one of the 300,000 phone calls and emails they receive a year, costing them around £2.40 to do so each time. That means the £13,500 raised via Pennies for the charity so far could cover the costs of responding to well over 5500 enquiries.

So next time you have the option to add a donation to your card purchase, remember the funds donated to RNIB help support people with sight loss to rebuild their lives.




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