When you donate your spare change with Pennies, it can be hard to picture how your few pence can make a difference.

childhospice_2010_111_sm-e1330443211844-150x150However, add these micro-donations up and they become something substantial that can fund the vital work of the charities we support. Together for Short Lives, is a great example of how your pennies can impact lives; they are using your donations to support children and young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions and their families.

Hearing the news that your child has a health condition that is life-threatening or that will shorten their life is devastating. The support available from Together for Short Lives helps families in need of care, support and information from the moment of diagnosis.

So far your donations have added up to £9,000 for Together for Short Lives and go towards helping them support families through their helpline, parent guides, online information and resources.

childhospice_2010_283_sm-e1330443432199-150x150There are an estimated 23,500 children and young people in the UK living with a terminal illness. Providing care – often 24 hours a day, seven days a week – can place families under enormous emotional, physical and financial strain. Relationships can suffer; careers may have to be abandoned; brothers and sisters can feel left out; and normal family activities become almost impossible.

This is where Together for Short Lives comes in. They support families who can feel isolated and alone, struggling to get the care they need, when and where they need it. As well as providing information and resources, they want to make sure that every seriously ill child and their family has the best possible care. They work with doctors, nurses and children’s hospice services through education, training and research to make sure that care is of the highest standard.

So keep donating your spare change when you shop at our retailers and you’ll be contributing towards helping families who care for a seriously ill child or young person make the most of life – no matter how short.


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