Just last week we announced the fantastic news that Screwfix customers had raised £10K so far for prostate cancer appeal Everyman from an incredible 50,000 donations. What makes this even more exciting is that those funds were raised in just four months.

This money will be put toJohn Ward - Everyman good use by scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research who are making the discoveries that defeat cancer.

One recent success is the discovery of the drug abiraterone, which is helping to prolong life for patients with late-stage prostate cancer. Abiraterone, which works by preventing tumour growth, can also improve quality of life for some men, offering hope to thousands whose cancer stops responding to treatments.

For one man living with prostate cancer abiraterone has played a large part in helping him continue life as normal. When John Ward, 68, from London was diagnosed nine years ago, the cancer had already spread to his spine and the doctors told him he had only one or two years to live. He started taking the drug in 2007 and is still healthy enough to continue working in the film industry today.

“I don’t think I would be alive today if it wasn’t for abiraterone,” he says. “I’m still doing very well on it after nearly four-and-a-half years.”

It’s important for Everyman to continue raising funds so that more drugs like abiraterone can be discovered and approved for use by men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Donating a few pennies at the Screwfix online checkout might seem like a small action but remember your spare change goes towards vital equipment crucial for the development of new drugs. Just £250 buys a fridge that can store heat-sensitive samples ready for testing. And £50 funds vital consumables, gloves, beakers and test tubes for a typical lab for one day.

So next time you’re picking up your trade supplies from Screwfix.com remember the difference you can make by donating just a few leftover pennies!


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