Last week we shared a story about how pennies donated by customers at The Entertainer are helping Bristol Children’s Hospital to provide life-saving heart surgery to patients who are just days old.

Izzy - Birmingham Childrens HospitalNearly one hundred miles away, children and staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital are also benefitting from a share of the £175,000 raised via this retailer so far. Pennies donations have already helped in so many areas of this hospital; from providing breast pumps for mums on the Neonatal Ward to art equipment in the hospital’s Play Department.

As the pennies continue to roll in they will play an important part of the hospital’s mission to refurbish the cancer ward. Providing health services to 10% of children in the UK suffering from cancer, this ward is a vital part of the hospital but in need of fresh look. They are on a mission to raise £4million over the next 18 months to brighten up the unit, which is currently housed in an old 1970’s building.

Part of every donation from customers at The Entertainer will contribute towards achieving this goal, helping the hospital treat and care for children such as Izzy. Izzy had to undergo nearly a whole year of aggressive chemotherapy for Leukaemia after tests showed there was a high risk of relapsing. Her mum Vic explains the role the hospital played during this incredibly difficult time.

“They have always been there to reassure us, comfort us, answer every question, and go the extra mile to help,” says Vic.

“But the unit is old and tired and the one thing that would really lift everyone’s spirit would be a bright, cheerful unit that is purpose built to the needs of a modern family.”

We’ve already seen that donating just a few electronic pennies at a time quickly adds up to substantial amounts. So each time you are at The Entertainer and choose to round up your purchase remember that those pennies are helping Birmingham Children’s Hospital reach their target of £4m and save the lives of further children like Izzy.




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