It’s been an exciting week here at Pennies, we have had the pleasure of a hosting Anisha, a student on work experience. It may have only been 5 days but Anisha managed her time well to work across teams and really get stuck in to help push the Pennies movement! Here she tells her story…

I rushed onto the early train journey on Monday morning excited about the following week. As soon as I stepped into the office I was nervous, however I immediately noticed how cheerful everyone was as they introduced themselves. It was a very welcoming place.

I started the first day with a team meeting which helped me to gain a better understanding of the company’s aims and also what they have achieved so far. The team members individually explained to me their role in the company and the work they carry out to provide the best service for their merchants as well as the charities. I could tell how passionate they all were at what they do by how informatively they spoke. It was lovely to see how the whole team really believe in what Pennies is trying to achieve and the hard work they put in.

Work Experience

I feel very lucky to have had the experience of being a small part of the company. It has been a great place to get my first experience of life at work.

I did some tasks for each of the different teams in the company. For example, I helped the IT team to update their donation files for that week. They explained to me very clearly how they handle and invoice donations. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the donation statistics and how tiny donations can add up to helping so many people. I also tested their new PRD system to log any bugs it had, and suggested some usability improvements. I learnt some valuable skills for the future.

I helped the marketing team too. For instance, I created a spreadsheet for them to keep track of their impact stories. I really enjoyed reading the impact stories to see what a difference Pennies has made to charities. They really included me and made me feel as if I truly contributed to the team.

Before I started the work experience I had a brief idea of what the company did but over the week I managed to see how much work and effort really goes into it behind the scenes. Everyone worked so hard but they were not doing it for themselves; they were all driven to help their charities and change people’s lives. It inspired me.

Pennies has shown me the way forward for charities trying to raise funds as fewer and fewer people carry cash. It is good to see how technology will move on to help people in the future.


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