While retail therapy was making you feel good, your donations, made while shopping online at www.oasis-stores.com, have been making children and young people at Richard House Children’s Hospice feel better too.

High street fashion brand, Oasis, has been giving customers the option to donate to charity via Pennies since September 2018 and for the first three months, donations supported Richard House Children’s Hospice, London’s first children’s hospice.

Richard House Hospice

Richard House cares for over 300 babies, children and young people and also provides support for their families, with services ranging from specialised clinical care, to art, music and dance therapy. From September to November 2018, your donations (each just 50p) added up to over £5,000, making a huge difference to children with life shortening or complex health conditions, and giving kids like Henry the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe environment.

Henry, aged two, started going to Richard House from seven months old. He was deprived of oxygen during a traumatic birth which left him with severe brain damage and has spent much of his life in hospital and he now requires 24 hour care.

Mum, Katherine, said:

“We were told if Henry survived he would likely have severe mobility issues. It was a devastating moment to know how badly injured Henry was from his birth and that our little boy was facing a struggle for his life.”

Multi-sensory therapy is Henry’s favourite. He has a special love for the galaxy of colours, sounds, shapes and textures which have a relaxing and calming effect, and also provide stimulation. The specialist therapy and variety of sensory experiences available at Richard House provides holistic support, alongside palliative care services, to enable children to live as happy a life as possible when living with a life-limiting condition.

Richard House Hospice

Mum, Katherine, continues to explain:

“Richard House is a wonderfully accepting place for a family like ours. We are able to relax and have fun as a family without standing out from the crowd which we do in our day-to-day life. The staff are amazing and they give us support and respite care to be able to function as a young family. [It’s] a second home and we are very grateful to be able to access their amazing facilities.”

Richard House Hospice

Your digital donations have helped Richard House Children’s Hospice provide a space for children and their families – a space to relax, enjoy quality time together and create positive memories for the future. Thank you to all the customers shopping online with Oasis and making their shopping more than just retail therapy, giving children, like Henry, a sensory experience to make them smile.


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