The Pennies Foundation has joined forces with secure payment provider The Logic Group to make it easy for their retail clients to go live with Pennies. This collaboration is an important step forward in the adoption of micro-donations by retailers.

The Logic Group, which is providing the payments software within the Point of Sale and Pin Entry Device, is making the service available to all of its retail customers either on existing or forthcoming PCI DSS compliant payment solutions from the end of June. The company specialises in the secure management of information and payment transactions.

Pennies first went live in November 2010 and currently operates through three national retailers with more following,  So far more than 500,000 consumer donations have been made raising over £115,000 for a number of charities.

Pennies does not require cashiers to ask the consumer to donate – making the offering entirely non-intrusive. Customers are simply asked if they wish to donate a few pence through a question on the Pin Entry Device when they insert their card to pay.  It’s always a choice – no commitment is needed.

Commenting on Pennies, Paul Russell, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager at The Logic Group said: “As soon as we were approached by Pennies, we took immediate steps to enable the inventive charity approach it delivers for our customers. The development work has been completed and we’re looking at going live from the end of June this year. We hope that Pennies will see a significant boost in participating retailers and charity donations as a result.  Times are tough for charities and research shows that the majority of consumers are receptive to donating electronic small change in this way. As cards become increasingly the de facto means of payment, the kind of spare cash that charities have typically collected in cash collection tins is decreasing.”

Alison Hutchinson, CEO of the Pennies Foundation comments, “The Logic Group was an obvious choice when it came to selecting a payment provider that could deliver  Pennies to many more retailers. The ability to simply switch the Pennies electronic charity box on is key; as is ensuring that the purchase process remains smooth and seamless for customers and retailers alike.”


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