Pennies founders invited to focal point for social enterprise and charitable activity at Oxford University

We were delighted to be invited to participate in an event at the Oxford Hub on Thursday May 19, 2010. The Oxford Hub is the focal point for social enterprise and charitable activity at the University of Oxford, and it works to connect students with social and environmental causes.

As part of the Hub’s weekly speaker ‘Series’ events to debate social issues, The Pennies Foundation took part in a panel discussion entitled “Where will money come from? Fundraising for charities during the recession” held at the prestigious Exeter College.

The topic couldn’t be more relevant for The Pennies Foundation , and both the debate and the following Q&A session with the students proved very interesting and provided everyone with food for thought on the steep challenges that charitable organisation face in financial terms at a time when their services and support is very much needed by those in need.

Hilary McVitty, Head of Marketing, Communications and Grants at The Pennies Foundation, commented: “The discussion at the Oxford Hub panel once more highlighted clearly the need to find new ways of raising additional money for charities in the UK. The current climate is putting huge pressure on them and we feel confident that the electronic charity box is an innovative way to get more people to donate small amounts more often.”

Hannah MacDiarmid, Oxford Hub President, said: “It was great to find out more about an organisation that takes such an innovative approach to fundraising, and learn more about how they are developing a system that can raise a lot of money during the current recession and beyond. We look forward to seeing this system implemented and will definitely promote it across the university as an effective way to give money to charity on a student budget”.


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