Hello from all of us at Pennies, and welcome to our brand new website!

Pennies homepageWe thought it was time we gave ourselves a bit of a spruce up, and our new Pennies website – as well as a fresh and clean new look – we’ve done a lot of work under the hood to make your experience around the site more intuitive, and easier to navigate.

Please do take a look around at the inspiring work of the charities we have been able to support, through our partnerships with over 50 participating retailers, made possible by relationships with some truly innovative technology and payments companies.

Visit our news page for updates and impact stories and read about how, together, we’ve made millions of pennies count to improve lives and communities in our impact section too.

And learn a little more about who we are too, as a team of people who believe in the collective power of giving small change a big purpose.

You can get in touch with us using the contact form you’ll find around the site, and via our social media channels too. We love hearing from our friends and supporters, and from those who have used and experienced Pennies in action.

Thank you for visiting, for your support and if you have any questions at all – just let us know. We’re an approachable bunch.



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