As Pennies, the electronic charity box, launched on a cold November day last year I don’t think any of us could have imagined how quickly it would grow.   Today we have been humbled to receive over 3/4 million consumer donations, adding up to more and more money each month.

September has been our strongest month to date with more than 150,000 consumer donations raising just over £40,000.  The money raised to date is already benefiting more than 20 charities. We had hoped that this year we may be able to support 13 charities, yet broke through that target in little over 7 months, and aim to continue to knock down target after target in the months and years to come.

The growth and support for Pennies has been phenomenal, right from launch. The months between that date and today feel like a whirlwind, filled with a heart-warming level of support and inspirational people from many sectors: including retail, charity and technology.

So, as a team we want to take this opportunity to open our brand new blog by thanking everyone who has helped us reach this stage, most importantly the 3/4 million customers who have already donated their pennies.  It is your giving  that has helped us to reach this mile stone.  The money is adding up with over £200,000 already being put to good work with the beneficiary charities.  Momentum for Pennies is growing and you are a massive part of that, so I’d urge you to keep sharing the scheme with friends and family. Let’s get the word out to a wider audience and help us turn that £200,000 into £2 million for charities.


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