With the help of your pennies, Rainbow Trust can support the Khan family as they cope with ten-year-old Anisah’s illness.

Rainbow-Trust-Khan-familyThese donations help Rainbow Trust provide vital emotional and practical support to families under immense strain from caring for a child who has been diagnosed with a life threatening or terminal illness. For many families this can mean long stays in hospitals, giving up work, and organising someone to watch over well children. Even something as simple as the weekly shop becomes a mountain to climb.

When Sarfraz and Zafar Khan found out their ten-year-old daughter Anisah had bone cancer it sent shockwaves through the family, affecting her siblings and testing the Khan’s 22 year marriage. Keeping the family together and functioning was a huge challenge, and something they credit to the support of Rainbow Trust and their Rainbow Family Support Worker Linda Thompson.

Linda helps in many ways, including looking after Anisah when Sarfraz and Zafar need to devote some time to their other children or have to run errands.

“She is great with her and understands that Anisah wants to be out seeing the world after being cooped up in hospital and has the energy that I just don’t have,” explains Zafar.

“Linda will also take all the children out, or get them playing games together, so they have precious time to catch up with each other. Knowing that we have regular, dependable support is a massive weight off our mind.  She’s like a friend we’re not afraid to ask for help.”

Rainbow Trust and Family Support Workers like Linda help around 1,200 families like the Khan’s every year. However, this is only 10% of the families that could benefit from their help. Donations from customers at Barracudas and Party Pieces are vital to maintain this support and increase Rainbow’s reach – and it doesn’t take a lot of pennies to make a real difference.

For example, £16 can provide a Family Support Worker like Linda with an outdoor games set of a foam football, sticky mitts, bats and balls so Anisah and her siblings can play together.

It only takes a small amount to relieve the logistical pressures of a hospital visit, which can require families to travel long distances or take public transport to appointments with a sick child and their siblings. £55 will pay for Linda to pick up the whole family, take them to their hospital appointment, look after siblings during the appointment and return the family home safely.

So next time your picking up party supplies online or booking a place at a Barracudas camp, remember that a few extra pennies will add up to significant amount for Rainbow Trust and help families like Khan’s get the support they need.


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