This week a new member joined the team – we’ve had the pleasure of hosting Joe for summer work experience where he joined the Pennies marketing department and made a huge contribution to the team. As the week comes to an end we asked Joe to share his thoughts on his time here at Pennies…

As I first walked into the Pennies building, I was unsure of what would be lying ahead of me. I felt a sense of excitement and nervousness.; however, those nerves immediately disappeared once I was warmly welcomed by the team.

I thought I had a relatively good knowledge about Pennies before starting my work experience; although, I quickly came to the realisation that this was not the case. There is so much going on in such a small team. When everyone explained to me what their individual jobs involved, I was taken aback by the pure passion and love for what they do. After a quick chat with Alison about the forthcoming week, I completely felt at home and I wanted to help achieve their goals in any way that I could.

Everyone is so focussed and hard at work here, and still there is always laughter and good vibes which really shows off the positive nature of Pennies. There is a lot of scrutiny about the intentions of certain charities these days but this is not the case with Pennies. Everyone working here wants to make a difference. The impact stories on their website show that the donations really do go towards a good cause. These stories are powerful and I was excited to be able to write my own. Everyone’s passion for Pennies and doing good for the world is infectious.

I had many different tasks here, from researching corporate partners and charities and updating the influencer analysis to writing an impact story for the Pennies website. I was really made to feel a part of the team. Everyone, no matter how busy they were, were always ready to help and answer any questions that I had.

joe on work experience

I had no idea how many merchants Pennies were involved with before I came here. It was a shock to see how many there really are which shows how quickly Pennies is growing. All these different merchants with such a small Pennies team is truly quite remarkable.

Being able to sit in some meetings allowed me to gain a further insight into what goes on behind the scenes at Pennies. Hearing about all the different milestones reached and what the plans were for the future was inspiring and showed me once again how much Pennies is growing.

Furthermore, it was interesting to see how the micro-donations work and how the different charities receive money. It was especially interesting watching live donations coming through from different companies. While it seemed rather complex at first, it was well explained to me and now I have a much greater understanding of how it works.

Although I only spent a few days here, I feel as though I have gained a huge insight into how Pennies works thanks to the supportive and welcoming nature of the team. Not only have I enjoyed working here, but I also truly believe in Pennies and their goals. I am looking forward to seeing how far Pennies will go in the future, as I know that there is no limit to their potential.


  1. Penny

    Fabulous. Loved reading this. Wish I could spend a week with you all!

    • Heather

      Really enjoyed Joe’s story if his days at Penny’s office – am sure it will have given him encouragement to see how hard people work
      With such good results .


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