Yesterday was World Health Day and this year, the focus was on universal health coverage across the globe. At least half the people in the world don’t receive the health services they need, and in many instances it is charities and non-profit organisations who step in to provide support, care and research.

In honour of World Health Day’s powerful #HealthForAll initiative this year, we’re celebrating the remarkable charities who’ve been supported through the digital charity box, those who work to ensure that people have the right care when they need it; from hospitals, research and rehabilitation to charities who take care of us when no one else can. Whatever your take, your micro-donations made at Pennies’ partner retailers are making a massive difference to those who live with health-related issues.

Richard House Hospice

Support for the whole family
Donating via Pennies can be part of your daily life and just a click of a button can help change the life of an entire family. Donations made when shopping online at Oasis allowed Richard House Children’s Hospice to continue providing specialist therapy programmes to children and young people like Henry, living with life shortening or complex health conditions.

Crucially, these programmes also provide relief for parents and siblings, helping them better enjoy the time they have together. Many hospitals and hospice charities provide this kind of support for the whole family and understand that there is more to an illness than just the physical treatment.

Cancer Research UK scientist lab clinical trial

Ground-breaking research
Charities like Cancer Research UK are dedicated to saving lives through research. Much of their work will inform other charities and change the future for millions of people. Thanks to a breakthrough in research, clinical trials are improving treatment for patients and helping scientists determine ways to stop diseases coming back after treatment – just like they did for Nilesh.

Micro-donations made via Pennies in restaurants, hotels and petrol forecourt convenience stores to name a few are helping fund scientific research across a range conditions, to beat diseases sooner.

Living with a rare condition
There are many people living with conditions that we just don’t have an answer for, conditions that need specialist care and support. Pizza lovers donating when ordering their favourite slice have been helping those living with rare conditions like Multiple System Atrophy, a neurological disease that limits the body’s core functions. Your small change is transforming lives by providing support for patients, families, healthcare professionals and researchers committed to finding out more about rare conditions and diseases.

Heads Together fun run

Mental health awareness
When it comes to healthcare provision, mental health can often be overlooked. There are people facing mental health conditions all around us but because we can’t see the physical problem some can assume it isn’t there. Mental health charities are working to not only support people living with mental health problems but are also dedicated to changing the negative stigma and encouraging a conversation.

Your Pennies donations to the likes of Heads Together and Mind are going a long way to tackling one of the biggest global healthcare issues.

The Prince of Wales Hospice - the dedicated team provides a wide range of services to improve the quality of life for patients

Small change helping make life a little easier
Whether you are living with a health condition or know someone who is, there are many charities offering information, support and guidance and your donations are helping make it happen. In 2018 alone Pennies supported more than 70 health-related charities: from hospitals and hospices including Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity and Jersey Hospice Care; to cancer charities Maggie’s and Teenage Cancer Trust; to air ambulances across the country bringing the emergency room directly to those who need it most.

This World Health day and every other, let’s continue to work together to raise awareness and vital funds for the charities dedicated to improving our health and widening the provision of life-saving care.


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