Each day in the UK, 10 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer. Once diagnosed, the physically and emotionally challenging journey through treatment begins, an experience that profoundly affects both the individuals living with cancer and their families too.

For young people like Jack, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia shortly after finishing secondary school, the emotional challenges can prove even more frightening and confusing than the practical ones, making CLIC Sargent’s work all the more important.

“When I first received the diagnosis I think I was in denial about what was going to happen. At first there’s no time to think. It’s full steam ahead into treatment. It’s only after the initial treatment stage when you settle into your maintenance programme that the emotions start to come out,” said Jack, now 21.CLIC Sargent - Jack's story blog web

Thankfully, CLIC Sargent offer not only practical and financial support from diagnosis onwards but vital emotional support too.  For example, CLIC Sargent Young People’s Community Workers can be a lifeline for young people struggling with the emotional impact of cancer.  Jack’s Community Worker Anita helped him cope with social isolation and education, employment and training issues.

“For me personally CLIC Sargent has been there to make me emotionally better.  With Anita I could really open up as I didn’t feel the need to protect her. I can tell her anything which is something that you can’t always do with your friends and family.”

You can watch Jack talk about the difference Anita and CLIC Sargent made to his life and his plans for the future in the video below:

CLIC Sargent have been using Pennies in their own shops for the past 14 months, giving their customers the chance to donate that little bit extra when paying by card and helping make sure even more children and young people like Jack have access to essential support.

So far, over 10,000 individual micro-donations have been made in CLIC Sargent shops across the South and South-West, with more donations rolling in every single month.  To find out where you can donate to CLIC Sargent via Pennies, check out their list of charity shops here.


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