Pennies has helped well over 100 charities, covering a broad range of causes since launching four years ago. More than 10% of those are either helping people suffering with cancer or searching for cures to this devastating disease. With that in mind we wanted to give you an insight into how your money really has helped this cause, which is so close to many people’s hearts.

Research makes an impact on new generations

A great example is also one of the first charities to benefit from Pennies donations; Cancer Research UK.  It first received funds through a partnership with Travelodge, and more recently has seen customers at Zizzi Ristorante giving to its Stand up to Cancer appeal.  In fact it took just 8 months for Zizzi customers to raise £100,000 for the appeal via Pennies.

That money is already having an impact to people like mum Nicola.  She was diagnosed with bowel cancer in January 2012, when her youngest child was only three months old.  Five years earlier, Nicola lost her own mum to the disease – she was only 51. She had also lost her grandmother to bowel cancer.

Nicola needed chemotherapy, radiotherapy and extensive surgery and she is now living with a permanent colostomy bag. She explained; “I’ve witnessed first-hand the difference that research can make to cancer treatment. The treatment I received was worlds apart from what my mother was given 10 years earlier.”

Nicola was treated with two new forms of chemotherapy, oxaliplatin and capecitabine, which Cancer Research UK scientists were involved in testing.

“When Mum was being treated with chemo, she was told that there was a clinical trial on the way that might lead to people being able to have chemo at home. She wasn’t able to go on it as it wasn’t yet ready, but that is exactly the treatment I had, and so you could see the progress being made and how it makes such a huge difference. Also genetic testing is now much more of an option in seeing who will develop bowel cancer, which could be even moreimportant for my children and future generations.”

Supporting families as they support each other

Nicola is not alone in seeing how charities can have a big impact on patient’s lives as a beneficiary of the charity currently supported by TravelodgeMacmillan Cancer Support, explains.

Case-study-use-in-blog-only-Kathryn-McGregor-PIX-ADavies-resized-214x300One programme Macmillan provides is an online community where people can chat and support one another. For teenager Kathryn McGregor, this became really important when her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer when Kathryn was just sixteen years old.

“Originally I was very scared and wanted to be able to help my mum in any way possible and the online community enabled me to ask other breast cancer patients how I could help my mum and make her feel that little bit better and happier,” says Kathryn.

“The online community also enabled me to talk to families of cancer patients and find more information on how they coped and dealt with cancer.”

Just £300 could pay for an expert to run an online learning discussion forum that could educate people affected by cancer on how to set up a support group.  These are just a couple of examples of how the nearly £500,000 raised for charities working with cancer suffers is making a difference – click here to find out more about the other charities that have benefited, from CLIC Sargent to Marie Curie Cancer Careto Prostate Cancer UK.


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