One of the important roles many charities have is to help their beneficiaries navigate an often complex maze of services. As one of the charities that shares 25% of every donation Together for Short Lives uses your pennies to ensure parents and families of children with a life limiting or terminal illness have the right information at the right time.

After heboy-Together for short livesaring the devastating news that your child has a life-threatening illness, parents want to make the most of their time together. But difficulty accessing the services they need or knowing what help is available to them can make this a real challenge. And not knowing where to turn to make things better can make what is already a traumatic situation all the more stressful and frustrating.

With the help of every donation you make, Together for Short Lives are able to get the right information to families caring for terminally ill children so they know what to expect at different stages throughout their journey. This means it can become easier to access the care and support that exists, as well as practical and emotional help for the whole family when it is needed most.

The Together for Families newsletter and other telephone and online resources help make sure parents don’t feel isolated and support them to feel in control and able to make informed decisions about their child’s care. They can’t change a diagnosis but they can help families access the information they need quickly and efficiently so they can get on with living.

For one Mum this support helps her get by day to day.“I read all that is sent to me – and the parents’ news and stories really say it all,” she said. “The point is made carefully and whilst I can relate to all that is written as a parent, I can also read all parent stories to the end. It’s not always easy but I do because of the way they are given over. [The] magazines make me feel empowered, not something that is easy to feel on a day to day basis with my struggle for my child.”

So far your pennies havMother and son -Together for short livese added up to over £13,500 for Together for Short Lives, helping them to support mums, dads and the whole family with important guides, information and resources.


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