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We rely on donations made through Pennies as well as funding we receive from foundations, trusts and individuals, to help us realise our mission.

How we’re funded.

Pennies receives a small percentage, up to 10%, of each voluntary donation made through our digital charity box. This helps us fulfil our charitable objectives, invest in the technology, grow the movement, offer more micro-donation opportunities and support more charities.

In time we can become self-sustaining but in the meantime we receive funding from foundations, individuals and other organisations. The support of these organisations is helping us reach more merchant and technology partners, support more charitable causes and ultimately make our vision a reality.

A percentage of each Pennies donation

Receiving a small percentage of each donation allows us to maximise the immediacy of our social impact.

Foundations, trusts and individuals

Investment from these sources helps us grow the movement, leveraging our income for the benefit of the third sector.

Donate direct to Pennies.

We also accept voluntary donations from members of the public. If you would like to support Pennies’ mission to protect and grow micro-donations and help us invest in the tech to unlock millions more donations for charities, you can donate directly to our work with a one-off donation.

Your donation to Pennies is in turn helping to raise vital funds for hundreds of charities across the UK, Republic of Ireland and beyond.

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Join the movement.

Micro-donations bring together businesses and communities to build a sustainable source of funding for charities in real need. Get in touch to discuss how you, or your organisation, could fund the Pennies movement.


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Giving Tuesday 2023: Make a big impact with small change!
Giving Tuesday 2023: Make a big impact with small change!

At Pennies, we’re big supporters of giving – it’s at the core of everything we do. Since we started in 2010, we’ve aimed to encourage and make it easy for people to give to charity. That’s why we’re excited to support Giving Tuesday, a global movement that celebrates and promotes generosity.