For big impact, start small.

Micro-giving is the lifeblood of charities, and digital solutions have never been more important. Pennies can work with your corporate partners to collect micro-donations and provide you with vital additional grant income.

Charity Dreams Come True organise a trip to Emirates Stadium for a young Arsenal superfan, with support from Pennies donations

How we work with you.

The public is hugely generous and primed to give. Pennies works with your existing corporate partners by inviting their customers to give a little back to you when they shop. Benefits include:

Corporate engagement

Deepening your corporate relationships with a new way to raise income

Building vital income

Creating scale through continued, regular digital giving at the point of sale


Share the impact

In-store and online opportunities to thank customers and colleagues and share impact stories


This is no-cost fundraising – no fees to set-up, and Pennies is a charity too

micro-donations made to date

The power of pennies so far.

Customers have made millions of micro-donations with Pennies. Together with our partners, we’re making more pennies count for hundreds of charities every year.

Charity spotlight.

A man hugs his daughter and grandaughter after they crossed the border from Shehyni in Ukraine to Medyka in Poland. Numerous Ukrainians are leaving the country fleeing the conflict - DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Pennies partners support Ukraine humanitarian response.

Pennies worked with its partners to offer a quick and effective response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. In just a few weeks, more than 500,000 people had made a digital micro-donation to charities including the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, Choose Love, UK for UNHCR and Oxfam Ireland.

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We’ve supported more than 940 charities to date, from national campaigns to local causes, all making real impact in the communities they serve.

Charity requirements.

We exist to encourage and facilitate charitable giving and by doing so to raise more money for the UK charity sector. However, being a charity ourselves not to mention a small team, there are few things we need in order to work with you:


You must be a charity registered in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man or Jersey.


Your charity cannot have exclusively politically or religiously driven aims and objectives.


Your corporate partner must meet our requirements - with at least 500,000 card transactions a year.


Pennies grants received should not form a charity’s majority or sole income.

Start your journey now.

From retail, hospitality and technology brands looking to make a real difference, to charities looking to boost their impact, now is your chance to join the micro-donation movement.


Collect micro-donations at the point of sale and deliver real social impact

Find the right micro-donation solution for your business


Work with Pennies and your corporate partners to receive digital donations for your charity

Use our micro-donation solutions in your own charity shops and online

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