Pennies has been working with its partners to offer a quick and effective response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. In just a few weeks, more than 500,000 people have made a digital micro-donation to charities making a difference right now.

Pennies partners with retail, leisure and hospitality merchants to enable digital micro-donations at the point of sale. When a number of these merchants wanted to switch their support from their regular charity partners to charities supporting the humanitarian effort in Ukraine, the Pennies team stepped up to support a rapid response.

DEC’s Ukraine Humanitarian appeal launched on 3rd March 2022, and has been supported by Pennies merchants including Domino’s, Euro Car Parts, Adnams and Rontec.

In total, 11 merchants in the UK and Republic of Ireland, including Domino’s, Sofology, ASK Italian, Cotswold Outdoor and Whitbread, have pivoted their Pennies micro-donations to support causes including the Disasters Emergency Committee, Choose Love and UK for UNHCR.

Pennies also enabled 3 new merchant partners to ‘switch on’ the micro-donation functionality in a matter of days in response to the crisis, including the UK’s first fully certified organic supermarket, Planet Organic. Shoppers buying groceries in Planet Organic supermarkets across the UK can now add an optional £1 to their purchase when paying by card or digitally, supporting the DEC’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

To date, digital micro-donations have been made to support 6 charities offering medical and humanitarian aid to those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

Creating immediate impact

In just a few weeks, over 550,000 micro-donations have been made via Pennies for charities responding to the crisis in Ukraine, raising £150,000 and counting. And the impact of these micro-donations is huge. Just 1 week of donations from Domino’s customers could enable the DEC to fund emergency food for 315 families affected by the conflict for an entire month.

“Time and again, the general public in UK and the Republic of Ireland have shown incredible generousity in times of crisis. Pennies has been humbled to be able to play its part during recent events in Ukraine, helping to channel this desire to do good through digital micro-donations.


“Whether helping existing merchant partners change charity swiftly, or implementing Pennies donation solutions in a matter of days with new partners, the passion and energy to make a difference has been inspiring. We’re here to help businesses make a difference in their local and global communities and we are proud to support a number of charities making a difference to those impacted by or fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.


Thank you for every micro-donation – they really do matter.”

Alison Hutchinson CBE, CEO, Pennies

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Partnering with Pennies gives businesses a simple, flexible and powerful way to demonstrate support for causes their colleagues and customers care about. Discover how Pennies could work for your business or charity via the links below.


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