About us

Because micro-donations matter.

Pennies is an award-winning fintech charity with an important mission: to protect and grow micro-donations – ensuring the public has digital ways to keep donating the small amounts of money that are so vital for charitable causes. Because micro-donations matter.

As well as promoting the charity sector and encouraging charitable giving, we have created and run ‘the digital charity box’ – the digital upgrade of the traditional charity tin, designed to fit with our increasingly cashless lifestyles.

Donating a few pence to charity when paying by card or mobile wallet is as simple as a single press of a button or click of a mouse. The option to give appears automatically in the card payment process: on the card terminal in-store, or at the checkout online or in-app.

Hundreds of thousands of customers are making their digital pennies count for UK registered charities every single week.

We’re a charity too

Pennies is a UK registered charity, and our aim is simple – to build a community of givers and turn small acts of kindness into powerful impact for the charity sector.

We do this by offering a new, data-free way of collecting donations through our digital charity box, in turn helping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the charity sector, and by working across sectors – from finance and payment to retail and charity – to encourage and promote the importance of charitable giving. We invest our own funding into developing and growing the digital charity box for the benefit of more causes and communities.

We are a small team, united in the strong belief that by working together with payment technology providers, retailers and consumers, we can raise millions in new giving for UK charities.  Read more about our charitable activities below:

Encourage giving and promote the sector

We are a prominent voice in the UK encouraging efficient, sustainable and innovative giving, ensuring charities continue to thrive and the public still have affordable ways to donate.

Unlock technology for good

We work with the payments sector to introduce micro-donation opportunities to more channels, unlocking the functionality for the benefit of the charity sector.

Enable millions of charity donations

Our digital charity box is an intuitive upgrade of the collection tin. Day to day we keep it running: implementing with new retailers, collecting donations, and granting those funds to charities.

Support our partner organisations

We use our expertise to maximise the impact of each partnership, boosting donation levels and communicating the social impact of donations.

To read our full charitable objectives, visit our page on The Charity Commission website.  Read more about our charitable impact and find our latest impact report on the Our impact page here.

How our work is funded

Find out more about how Pennies work is funded, and how you can contribute to the micro-donations movement, on our funding page.