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Creating impact, together.

Together with our partners, supporters and the customers who donate with Pennies every day, we are creating huge impact for communities across the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Our impact.

Since 2010, millions of people have joined the micro-donation movement, from the customers adding their digital pennies when they shop to the businesses partnering with Pennies and building social purpose into the heart of what they do.

More than 204,000,000 micro-donations

Customers have pressed ‘yes’ to Pennies millions of times.

Over £50,000,000 raised for charity

We’re making more pennies count for charity week on week, as we grow.

More than 940 charities supported

Charities big and small, across the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Our charity partners.

For our partner charities, micro-donations have become a powerful force for positive change. Watch the video to hear first-hand how Pennies is creating real impact for some amazing charities, including insights from JD Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Mind, and Maggie’s.

Our impact reporting.

We regularly report stories from benefiting charities on our website, through social channels and in our annual impact report, we work closely with partner merchants to help them report this impact back to customers.

Impact report 2020/21

From the start of 2020, through a global pandemic and beyond, our latest impact report highlights exactly how Pennies is making a difference right now, and our plans for the future.

Pennies Impact Report 2020-21

Making your pennies count.

Micro-donations make a difference to charities big and small, communities at home and abroad, and with each click we’re able to help more inspiring causes. Browse our library of impact stories and find out how your pennies are put to work.

Discover more about Pennies.

Pennies is an award-winning fintech charity with an important mission: to protect and grow micro-donations – ensuring the public has digital ways to keep donating the small amounts of money that are so vital for charitable causes.


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