Micro-donations matter.

11 years. 145 million micro-donations and counting. And the need for Pennies has never been greater.
We’re the leading UK charity working to protect and grow micro-donations. We partner with retailers to support charities in need, and we urge you to join us.

£36,000,000 raised for charity so far

simply by giving with Pennies when paying digitally

Over 145,000,000 small change donations

made by consumers with Pennies to date

We could raise £1billion every year

if every adult in the UK gave just 35p a week

Join the micro-donation movement

Retailers enable

Give customers the chance to make their pennies count for your charity partners. We work with your payment provider to enable Pennies across channels: in-store, online, app, and in emerging payments.

How to become a Pennies retailer

Customers donate

Customers are prompted by the card machine or at online checkout to donate a few pence. It’s an affordable way to give on your own terms, without sharing any of your personal data.

Where can I donate?

Charities receive donations

We collect and distribute the digital donations to those charities nominated by each retailer. We make those pennies count for registered charities across the UK and Ireland.

How to become a recipient charity

Technology unlocks giving

Our payment and technology partners ensure retailer enable the digital charity box across channels. We also continue to work with paytech and fintech leaders to unlock more ways to give digital pennies.

How to become a technology partner

Using Pennies’ digital charity box

It's simple to use

Customers see a Yes or No option on the card machine or online checkout


No added till time

The Pennies’ donation option is self-prompting and requires no staff explanation 

Pennies, not pounds

We know that people prefer to give in smaller amounts, but these pennies add up


It's flexible

The donation option can work across offline, online and in-app points of sale


It’s always the customer’s choice

To give or not to give, it’s always up to the customer

No data collected

There is no data collection – and therefore no charity follow up

People love Pennies

“Working with Pennies has been a dream. This has exponentially increased the amount of money we are capable of collecting [for charity]. It has been seamless.”

Gary Grant

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, The Entertainer

“Pennies is a great example of a fintech charity giving individuals the opportunity to make a donation without disrupting customers’ payments.”

Bob Wigley

Chair, UK Finance

“Donating to Pennies is something I do whenever the option arises and I like to think that every single penny really can make a difference.”

Domino's customer

on Facebook

“Pennies is a great way of people being able to support a charity through small donations that all add up to make a big difference to a local cause.”

Laura Webb

Head of Corporate Partnerships, Leeds Cares

Get in touch with us

If you have a question, would like to help us or want to become a partner, please get in touch using the contact form or via the details below. We will endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 5 working days:

Call: +44 (0) 20 7600 9286
Email: info@pennies.org.uk


Pennies, 1st Floor, 64 London Wall, London EC2M 5TP