We are the digital charity box

Pennies gives your small change a big purpose – allowing you to donate a few pence to charity when you pay by card in shops, online and in apps. It’s your choice every time, with no pressure, and no follow up.




How it works

Retailers join

Give your customers the chance to make their pennies count for your chosen charity. We work closely with your payment provider to enable Pennies across multichannels, in-store, online, or app.

Become a Pennies retailer

Customers donate

Customers are prompted by the card machine, website or app checkout to donate a few pence. It’s a yes or no choice, and neither Pennies nor the chosen charity receive any personal data.

Where can I donate?

Charities receive donations

Pennies collects and distributes the money digitally donated at the checkout. We make those pennies count for registered charities all across the UK, as chosen by the retailer.

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Technology unlocks giving

Our payment and technology partners ensure retailers can enable the digital charity box, and across multi-channels. We are always keen to unlock more potential for UK charities.

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£15,000,000 raised for UK charities so far

Simply giving via Pennies when shopping by card

Over 60,000,000 small change donations

made by consumers via Pennies to date

Screwfix reaches £1.1 million in micro-donations

Screwfix began their Pennies journey in 2012 supporting chosen charity partner Everyman – a charity researching into the prevention and cure of male cancers. After a year of customers pressing ‘yes’ and donating at the Screwfix.com checkout, the business decided that...

Why it works

It's simple to use

Customers see a Yes or No option on the card machine or online checkout


No added till time

Pennies is self-prompting and requires no explanation from staff

Pennies, not pounds

We know that people prefer to give in smaller amounts, but these pennies add up


It's flexible

Pennies can work across offline, online and in-app points of sale


It’s always the customer’s choice

To give or not to give, it’s always up to the customer

No data collected

There is no data collection – and therefore no charity follow up

People love the digital charity box

“Working with Pennies has been a dream. This has exponentially increased the amount of money we are capable of collecting… to give to charities.”

Gary Grant, Founder & MD, The Entertainer

“Donating to Pennies is something I do whenever the option arises and I like to think that every single penny really can make a difference.”

Domino’s customer on Facebook 

“We are delighted to be working with Pennies to make this incredibly simple and effective method of donation as widely available as possible.”

Ron Kalifa, Chairman, Worldpay

“I really believe Pennies is a giving revolution and I think everybody, all charities and retailers, should get on board and get behind it.”

Karen Wallin, CEO, Special Olympics GB

Get in touch with us

Feel free to contact us about any aspect of Pennies

If you have a question, would like to help us or want to become a partner, please get in touch using the contact form, or using the following details:

Call: +44 (0) 20 7600 9286
Email: info@pennies.org.uk

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