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Celebrating micro-donation champions.

Pennies works with innovative, passionate and socially-driven brands who each help unlock and amplify the micro-donation movement; broadening the opportunities for consumers to donate a few pennies when they shop and socialise, for causes and communities around the UK and internationally.

The Pennies Awards 2024, supported by Verifone, are a chance to highlight those partners and individuals who have gone above and beyond to make micro-donations matter. This year will be the 5th Pennies Annual Awards taking place with 5 key categories; Merchant Impact Award, Innovation in Technology Award, Partnership Breakthrough Award, Unsung Hero Award and Outstanding Achievement Award.

We welcome anyone who is partnered with Pennies or has worked with us to help drive the micro-donation movement forward to enter.

Award categories.

Merchant Impact Award

Recognising a merchant partner that has enabled significant growth in micro-donations as a result of specific actions, driving increased consumer donations in their business and unlocking increased measurable impact for their charity partners.

Entry criteria:
  • Must be a merchant partner, could be across retail, service, hospitality, leisure or other.
  • Should include a demonstration of what action the merchant has taken that has led to an increase in donations, for example: continued best practice to engage colleagues and customers to sustain and grow donations; specific campaigns to raise awareness and increase donation levels; expanding their Pennies offering to more customers through implementations in new channels or solutions.
  • Impact must be measurable in donations unlocked as a result of the actions taken.
  • Must include evidence of charity impact that is direct, significant and tangible.
  • Where relevant, please include links to examples of external and internal communications or documents that demonstrate the action taken, to support your application.

Innovation in Technology Award

Recognising a technology partner who has led significant technology innovation in their partnership with Pennies, to enable the unlocking of more donation opportunities and creation of greater charitable impact.

Entry criteria:
  • Must be a technology partner: this could include a payments, finance, platform, digital or agency partner, or other organisation working to enable Pennies micro-donation solutions for merchants
  • Impact must be direct, significant, tangible and supported by specific examples, e.g. how many new merchants are now using Pennies / will be able to use Pennies in future due to your innovation
  • Could be a new sector or channel unlocked, with potential to unlock significant donations
  • Where relevant, please include links to examples of external and internal communications, to support your application

Partnership Breakthrough Award

Recognising any partner who has helped to rapidly accelerate growth in the micro-donation movement over the past 12 months.

Entry criteria:
  • Can be a merchant, agency, creative, industry or charity partner, or an individual / group within a specific organisation
  • Open to new partners (where partnership has started in the last 12 months) and existing partners (where breakthrough activity is specific to last 12 months)
  • An example of breakthrough activity could be: using our partnership to open Pennies and micro-donations to brand new audiences / sectors; opening up Pennies to new jurisdictions; increasing awareness, visibility etc of Pennies; or any other partnership that has enabled a step-change in micro-donations
  • Impact must be direct, significant, tangible and supported by specific examples, e.g. which new audiences have been exposed to Pennies as a result of this partnership and what is the potential? How many new partners (merchant, tech, charity) can now benefit from Pennies due to this breakthrough?
  • Where relevant, please include links to examples of external and internal communications, to support your application

Unsung Hero Award

Recognising an individual or team in the broader Pennies family who has gone above and beyond to accelerate or support the Pennies micro-donation movement.

Entry criteria:
  • Can be an individual/s in the day-to-day team of a merchant, technology, platform, agency, charity partner, or any organisation that otherwise supports Pennies
  • The impact must be direct, significant, tangible
  • The actions recognised should be significant including effort and innovation
  • The entry should demonstrate how they have worked as a team with Pennies and other key stakeholders

Outstanding Achievement Award

Recognising an organisation which has made an outstanding contribution to Pennies and the micro-donation movement resulting in significant positive outcomes.

PLEASE NOTE: Nominations are not accepted for the Outstanding Achievement Award. The winner is drawn from outstanding applications to the first three awards. This could be a merchant, technology, agency or charity partner, or a team or individual.

Enter the awards.

Please complete the form below to submit your award entry.

Submission guidelines:

  • Organisations and individuals are welcome to apply for multiple awards, but please fill out a separate entry for each individual award submission.
  • Nominators should enter their own name, job title and company information before completing the award submission for the individual or company they are nominating. Your personal information will not be shared with the individual or company you are nominating.
  • Please ensure your submissions make reference to the specific entry criteria for the award you’re entering.
  • If you’d like to add supporting evidence to your award submission please email awards@pennies.org.uk. For large files, we recommend using wetransfer or a similar online file sharing service.

Award entry form.

Start by entering your full name, job title, company, and email address as the nominator. Then, fill in the details of the individual or company you are nominating, specify your chosen award category, and submit your entry in up to 250 words.

Please email any supporting evidence to your award submission to awards@pennies.org.uk.

Are you planning to email supporting evidence to awards@pennies.org.uk?

Awards news.

Read the latest Awards news below and find out more about previous awards and winners too.

Pennies Announces Micro-Donation Winners in 4th Annual Awards

Pennies Announces Micro-Donation Winners in 4th Annual Awards

On Tuesday 7th November, Pennies 4th Annual Awards took place at Pennies’ annual Autumn Celebration 2023. This year’s awards recognised outstanding achievements in the world of micro-donations over the last 12 months, which have made a significant impact on charitable causes.

Pennies announces micro-donation winners in 3rd annual awards

Pennies announces micro-donation winners in 3rd annual awards

The Pennies Awards 2022 took place on 8th November, at Pennies’ annual Autumn Celebration. This year’s awards recognised the businesses and individuals that have achieved exceptional things in the past 12 months in the name of micro-donations, making a huge impact for charity in the process.

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