We support charities

Because micro-donations raise millions for charity, a few pennies at a time.

Micro-donations for charities

Pennies’ primary goal has always been to help raise more funds for charities, by offering innovative digital fundraising tools on behalf of the whole sector.

Pennies can offer your corporate partners, and their customers, a way to raise important extra funds for your work. If you have corporate partners with an e-commerce or app-based offering, or partners with stores, restaurants and sites reopening, read more below about how we could support you.

How can I fundraise using Pennies?

If your charity has corporate partners who have card paying customers we can work with you and them to ‘enable’ Pennies online or in their stores. You can include Pennies as part of a wider charity partnership proposal, or as your primary fundraising option – it’s entirely up to you. Once a company has expressed initial interest, we recommend you put us in touch to discuss the technical details.

Sound interesting? Read all about the requirements, next steps and benefits below…

Charity requirements

  • You will be registered with one or more of the following charity regulators: England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland.
  • You are active and solvent.
  • The total Pennies donations should not form a charity’s majority or sole income (for reasons of self-sustainability).
  • Charities whose purpose is the promotion of a specific religious or political view will not be eligible.

Retailer requirements

  • Pennies works by raising donations through customer transactions – contact us to talk about the potential of your corporate partners.
  • Retailers must have the potential to raise at least £50,000 in a year using the digital charity box, so bear this in mind when thinking of corporate partner.  A business with several stores, or popular online shop, is best.
  • Take a look at retailers that are using Pennies now.

We're here to help

  • If you have a corporate partner that you think might be suitable, get in touch with us first.
  • Pennies can advise on the best approach and are happy to attend meetings with you or supply materials for early discussions.
  • We have examples of successful Pennies partnerships in most sectors.

Or implement Pennies in my own charity shops?

If your charity has its own chain of shops, or even a busy online store, we could work with you to make Pennies available for customers paying by card in your outlets. A number of charities are already using Pennies in this way and offering their customers an additional way to make a real difference.

Benefits to charity partners

In our recent independent research, 85% of people told us they were put off giving by charities using their personal data for follow-ups. With fewer traditional charity collection boxes found in our high streets and communities, we have digitised this anonymous, feel-good way of making pennies count for the UK charity sector.

No cost

There is no cost to charities using Pennies. We are funded by the retailer donating a small percentage of its customer donations to help us support more charities.

Reach new donors

Pennies helps you build income from new givers who you may not otherwise reach, because they are giving ad hoc, anonymously and when they choose.


Pennies works in the background and there are no set-up or ongoing costs. The retailer’s staff don’t need to prompt, and it’s the customer’s choice every time.

New giving

Pennies complements other income streams such as staff fundraising or event challenges; enabling the customers of your partners to join in and donate.

Get in touch with us

If you have a question, would like to help us or want to become a partner, please get in touch using the contact form or via the details below. We will endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 5 working days:

Call: +44 (0) 20 7600 9286
Email: info@pennies.org.uk


Pennies, 1st Floor, 64 London Wall, London EC2M 5TP