Strategic Collaboration: Pennies and GENE Enhance Charitable Contributions in eCommerce

Explore the partnership between Pennies and GENE Commerce, renowned Gold-level Adobe partner. Working together, they integrated Pennies into the checkout systems of select clients including Choice Shops, Age UK and Incontinence Choice.

For eCommerce merchants, Pennies has made things simple by developing free tools like APIs and Adobe extensions. However, to maximise the impact, it’s essential to collaborate closely with agency partners, who play a crucial role in spreading the word and implementing these tools for their clients. That’s where GENE came into play, renowned Gold-level Adobe partner, at the recommendation of Adobe itself.

GENE Commerce, an agency devoted to making a difference in the community, enthusiastically joined hands with Pennies for an exciting digital charity adventure. Together, they’ve embarked on this journey, integrating Pennies into the checkout systems of select clients. This included integrating Pennies into Choice Shops, Age UK and Incontinence Choice.

What we did.

Magento API Customisation

GENE Commerce collaborated with Pennies on a project tailored to meet Choice Shops’ specific needs. The aim was to seamlessly integrate a Pennies donation block into the checkout process of Choice Shops’ Incontinence Choice and Age UK Incontinence websites. This integration was strategically positioned just before the payment step.

One of the primary customisations involved incorporating a Pennies donation block, offering Choice Shops’ customers the flexibility to either donate a set amount to Age UK through a free text field or opt for a “round-up” donation based on their total order value. In response to Choice Shops’ request, GENE inserted a CMS block within the Pennies block, allowing Choice to communicate a personalised message, explaining their selection of a particular charity.

Efficient Checkout Integration

To enhance checkout speed and ensure a seamless user experience, GENE developed a bespoke module for Pennies. This module facilitates all necessary calculations within Magento, eliminating the need for multiple calls to the Pennies API during each checkout, a process that could potentially slow down the checkout procedure.

Through these detailed customisations and integrated solutions, GENE Commerce collaborated with Pennies to successfully improve the donation experience within the checkout process, demonstrating the agency’s dedication to tailoring innovative solutions for their clients and optimising the user journey while contributing to charitable causes.

This project was a dream come true for us. Choice Shops, Pennies, and our team collaborated seamlessly to create a checkout experience that not only streamlined the process but also encouraged generous donations without disrupting the standard checkout flow. The outcomes have exceeded our expectations. Working closely with Pennies was a joy; they were incredibly responsive to our queries and collaborated closely with us on intricate technical integration, ensuring we delivered nothing less than a ‘best in class’ integration.

Sophie Alway

eCommerce Solution Specialist and Choice Shops’ Strategic Account Manager, GENE

The impact.

Thanks to GENE’s support expertise and generosity, and their valuable work on Age Co, Choice Shops and numerous planned implementations and client introductions – GENE are on track to unlock at least £100,000 for charity, every single year. Funding that will support amazing causes like Age UK, The Rainbow Trust and more.

Pennies hand and heart icon

A positive response since August 2023 resulting in more than 19,500 donations and over £9,000 raised.

Pennies hand and heart icon
strong support

An incredibly strong start with a donation conversion rate of 34% during the first month of going live.

Pennies hand and heart icon

On track to unlock at least £100,000 for charity, supporting causes like Age UK and The Rainbow Trust.

GENE’s integration of Pennies generated a significant sum. With the conversion rate soaring beyond expectations, hitting an outstanding 34% in their first month! That’s over £2,750 raised through more than 6,700 micro-donations.

The most exciting thing about the partnership is, we’ve only just started and can’t wait for the incredible impact that is already lined up for 2024.

“It’s a remarkable opportunity to channel our checkout expertise into a greater cause and empower the eCommerce world to contribute to something extraordinary. We encourage all our clients to integrate Pennies into their checkout systems, because together, we can turn every transaction into a chance to make a meaningful difference in the world of eCommerce.” – Matt Parkinson, Managing Director at GENE

We are delighted to welcome GENE as a key partner to the Pennies family. GENE’s innovative solutions and specialised checkout expertise will catalyse a step change in the growth of microdonations making it easy for many more merchants to join in and support the charities their customers and colleagues care about. At a time when we are all being very thoughtful about every penny we spend we know that 3 out of 4 people in the UK prefer to give little and often. Partnering with such a proficient team of Magento specialists will enable even more people to give how they want to and together, make a significant impact in our communities. Thank you to the wonderful team at GENE.

Alison Hutchinson CBE

CEO, Pennies

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