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With Pennies, GK is enabling retailers to have a community impact by facilitating a transactional experience that allows shoppers to donate their change to charity easily.

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GK Software is a leader in retail innovation and an acclaimed global player for cloud services. At it’s core, GK delivers new customer experiences today, that meet tomorrow’s demands.

GK Software is at the forefront of retail innovation. With more than 550,000 installations, GK’s Retail software solutions enable some of the largest retailers worldwide to run their day-to-day operations smoothly and sustainably. With customers in many market segments such as Grocery, DIY, Fashion, Speciality, Luxury and Fuel, GK understands the need to be able to adapt to meet changing customer expectations. That is why, GK offers new customer experiences quickly and easily through a unified commerce platform.

Together, GK and Pennies have been able to offer retailers a way to embrace customers’ expectations for companies to have more of a positive impact within the communities they serve.

As GK has always focused on enabling great transactional experiences, it made sense to partner with Pennies to extend its solution and enable customers to round up their transactions for charity.

Speak to your GK Software representative today to explore using Pennies in your payment journey or contact Pennies to connect with our implementation support team, and to nominate your charity partner.

We believe that technology can facilitate social impact on many levels. GK is helping the world’s largest retailers avoid waste and operate more sustainably already. Now, to enable smooth transactional experiences that accelerate donations, through our partnership with Pennies, is a great next step to showcase how technology, if applied correctly, can make a difference for the betterment of communities.

Michael Scheibner

Chief Strategy Officer, GK Software SE

Featured partner story.

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Wilko brings affordable micro-donations to customers with Pennies, supporting families in need.

Wilko rolled out Pennies in their in-store retail environment in July 2022, after a short pilot period. Having noticed a significant decline in the amount they were raising for charity through cash donations, they knew they needed a step-change in their customer fundraising – and Pennies provided the answer.

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Pennies worked closely with key stakeholders across the Wilko team, and their payments and retail systems partners Worldpay and GK Software respectively, to ensure a smooth implementation that engaged the team at all levels.

This led to a hugely successful launch, with 2.8million donations made in the first 4 months alone. Donations support Alzheimer’s Society, Save the Children and Teenage Cancer Trust – who together make up the business’s Together For Families initiative.

The impact for Wilko’s 3 long-standing charity partners is already being felt, and is only set to increase in the coming months, and years.

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From retail, hospitality and technology brands looking to make a real difference, to charities looking to boost their impact, now is your chance to join the micro-donation movement.


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