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Oracle Payments partners with to enable consumer micro-donations for high-street retail and hospitality businesses.

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Oracle Payments has partnered with Pennies since 2017, enabling micro-donations for a fleet of well-known retail and hospitality businesses. Since then, customers have been generously adding a few pennies onto their purchases in their millions. From restaurants, and roadside retail outlets, to high street jewellers, it’s simple – thanks to Oracle and Pennies – for consumers to give a little to charity when we shop, spend and socialise.

Pennies has dramatically scaled up Oracle customers’ ability to impact and transform the communities around them, with over £3million already donated for causes as varied as children’s hospitals, cancer and health causes, to air ambulances charities. As ever Pennies offers a secure, discreet and flexible micro-donation option – meaning peace of mind for consumers, and building into ESG credentials for businesses.

If you are merchant using Oracle retail or hospitality solutions, get in touch with your relationship manager today to find more. Or contact Pennies to connect with our implementation support team, and to nominate your charity partner.

Restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars are all a central part of the communities in which Pennies operates and have a long history of giving back to those communities. Pennies understands the importance of reducing friction in the consumer experience – whether that’s switching to drive-thru, ordering online or moving to a contactless (and likely a cashless) society. [These are] all key to offering customers a user-friendly means of giving back via the micro-donation movement.

Mark Gausden

Vice President, Oracle

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Customer makes a Pennies micro-donation in a Premier Inn Thyme restaurant (Whitbread)

Pennies and Whitbread partnership accelerates growth in hospitality digital donations.

Since 2018, UK hotel and restaurant business Whitbread has enabled Pennies using Oracle’s hospitality solution across all of its restaurant sites, where customers are invited to micro-donate towards Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity.

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Micro-donations help children and their families going through challenging treatments and needing support, therapy and temporary accommodation. These vital donations have already exceeded half a million pounds, and helped Whitbread’s fundraising towards the hospital’s new Sight and Sound Centre, as well as funding play and music therapists and other support not statutorily funded.

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From retail, hospitality and technology brands looking to make a real difference, to charities looking to boost their impact, now is your chance to join the micro-donation movement.


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