This World Alzheimer’s Month we are happy to share a guest blog with you from our friends at Alzheimer’s Research UK.  Over the past 3 years, more than £130,000 has been raised for the charity through Pennies, thanks to partnerships with Adnams and Rontec.  Take a look at how your pennies have stacked up to raise awareness and make a difference for people like Vicky & Martin.

Dementia is our greatest medical challenge. There are currently 850,000 people in the UK living with the condition and this number is set to grow to one million by 2025. What makes this worse is that there are currently no treatments to slow, stop or prevent the diseases, like Alzheimer’s, that cause dementia.

Alzheimer's Research UKBut Alzheimer’s Research UK is changing that picture by powering groundbreaking research to better diagnose, understand, treat and reduce the risk of dementia. And thanks to your support through Pennies, we will make breakthroughs possible.

Our mission is to bring about the first life-changing dementia treatment by 2025. We are driven to achieve this ambition by every single person impacted by dementia today, and the millions more who will witness the devastation it causes in the future – people like Vicky and Martin.

Vicky and Martin’s story
Vicky found out when she was just 38 that she carried a rare inherited gene for Alzheimer’s disease. While she was showing no symptoms then, she is now 49 and has difficulty with everyday tasks – her symptoms will continue to worsen over time. Her husband Martin says that despite the diagnosis, they have been making the most of the time they have together by taking holidays and spending time with their family.

“When I talk to people and say I have Alzheimer’s they don’t believe me, they tell me I’m too young. That’s why I want to raise awareness of how dementia can and does affect people of different ages, like me. I want people to talk about dementia, not shy away from it.”

Vicky & Martin - Alzheimer's Research UK

The couple are passionate supporters of Alzheimer’s Research UK and have worked tirelessly to help support the search for a cure. They have recently been made Champions for the charity, in recognition of their efforts to raise awareness of dementia research.

“The reason I support Alzheimer’s Research UK is because I hope that one day we will be able to find a cure for this condition and I’m grateful to everyone who is supporting this fantastic cause through Pennies. Thank you.”

Please take two minutes to watch the video below to find out more, and learn about World Alzheimer’s Month here too. #WorldAlzMonth

Hundreds of thousands of micro-donations have been made through Pennies in support of Alzheimer’s Research UK to date.  To everyone who has pressed ‘yes’ and given a few digital pennies via the digital charity box – we thank you.


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