British generosity and charitable giving is famous worldwide but new findings released today show that this could be under threat due to our busy and increasingly cashless lifestyles.

Adnams paying wide webA recent survey conducted by Pennies, the digital charity box, has revealed that one in ten Brits ‘don’t have time’ to donate to charity. With time tight it isn’t surprising that the most popular way to give is the quick and easy option of dropping a few coins in a charity box.

However, the survey also found that this may now be under pressure as a staggering 33% of us regularly leave the house without any cash, rising to more than half (54%) of 25-34 year olds.

The shift to digital payments could well have a lasting impact on charitable donations as over half of the nation (53%) say they have noticed a decline in physical charity boxes or barely notice them at all anymore.

This is where Pennies can help.  Pennies provides a digital version of the traditional charity box that offers customers the chance to donate anything from 1p to 99p when they pay by card.  Pennies allows charitable donations to move with the times and gives us the opportunity to continue giving to charity when we pay for goods or services in a way that fits with our cashless lifestyle.

Alison Hutchinson, CEO of Pennies says, “With an increasing number of people not carrying cash anymore and spare time at a premium we’re pleased to be able to provide a quick and easy way to still give micro-donations.  These could otherwise be lost, and despite being small add up quickly to make a huge difference to the charities who receive them.  Last month alone we saw more than one million donations made via Pennies.”

Retailers such as Domino’s Pizza, ASK Italian, Monarch Airlines, Screwfix, The Fragrance Shop, Shop’N Drive and many more all use Pennies to raise money for their charity partners.  So far Pennies has raised more than £3.5 million for over 100 charities.


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