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Magento 2.

A free and simple checkout integration, providing your customers with the easiest way to give to charity when they shop.

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Benefits of the Magento 2 extension.

Flexible and free

Quick and easy to configure and can be tailored to your checkout design & basket size.

Support charities

Nominate a charity registered in UK or Ireland. Easy to switch charity partners too.



No negative impact on conversion rates or slowdown in customer journey.

Easy to join in

We ensure set-up is simple, work to your timescales and always trial before go-live.

Build in purpose

Brands can authentically embrace and deliver on ESG, and communicate to stakeholders.

Start your journey now.



Get your journey started today by contacting our dedicated team of experts.



You nominate the charity, we take care of due dil, paperwork and granting.


Technical setup

Setup quickly with step-by-step guides, supported by our team of experts.



Our Partner Success team will work with you to help raise as much as possible.


Test & go live

Start collecting donations and we will be there to tell you how well you’re doing. 

Pennies Magento 2 Cartridge

Proven and live with over 100 household brands.

With over 12 years of experience, Pennies is the trusted leader in digital micro-donations.

It offers businesses a powerful way to collect for charity and gives consumers a simple, safe and affordable way to donate.

Everywhere Pennies is available customers donate. In recent research, 88% of consumers stated they’d like to be offered the opportunity to donate when they shop.

micro-donations made to date

Creating impact, together.

Customers have made millions of micro-donations with Pennies. Together with our partners, we’re making more pennies count for hundreds of charities every year.

Featured partner story.

Montezuma's Partner Success Video Thumbnail

Building purpose into brand: how micro-donations support engagement at Montezuma’s.

Montezuma’s co-founders dreamed of running a business where everyone wants to come and work, far removed from boring routine or being disconnected from a purposeful ethos. Pennies has been helping them realise this vision with micro-donations since 2020, implementing donation functionality on their e-commerce site with the Pennies Magento 2 Extension.

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Start your journey now.

From retail, hospitality and technology brands looking to make a real difference, to charities looking to boost their impact, now is your chance to join the micro-donation movement.


Collect micro-donations at the point of sale and deliver real social impact

Find the right micro-donation solution for your business


Work with Pennies and your corporate partners to receive digital donations for your charity

Use our micro-donation solutions in your own charity shops and online

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