Building purpose into brand: how micro-donations support engagement at Montezuma’s

Montezuma’s co-founders dreamed of running a business where everyone wants to come and work, far removed from boring routine or being disconnected from a purposeful ethos - and Pennies is helping them realise this vision with micro-donations since 2020.
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Published 10 June, 2022

Montezuma’s co-founders dreamed of running a business where everyone wants to come and work, far removed from boring routine or being disconnected from a purposeful ethos – and Pennies is helping them realise this vision with micro-donations.

Having noticed a major shift to cashless payments among their loyal customer base, Montezuma’s Chocolates were looking for a way to boost their fundraising for long-term charity partners Children on the Edge as collection tin donations declined.

Pennies offered them a simple, omnichannel option that put purpose at the heart of the customer journey. Since implementing the digital micro-donation option in all Montezuma’s stores and in e-commerce in Autumn 2020, Pennies has been fully embraced by customers and colleagues alike.

Watch the story in full below, featuring insights from Helen Pattinson of Montezuma’s, Eloise Armstrong of Children on the Edge and Alison Hutchinson CBE of Pennies:

Strong values, great chocolate, big heart

Montezuma’s has a department – its People and Culture team – to ensure that its strong values, including being fun-loving, is embedded and lived across the whole business. Part of this is its dedication to charity partner of over a decade, Children on the Edge.

Helen Pattinson, co-founder of Montezuma’s explains how the company embraced Pennies when it was offered the chance to invite customers to join-in and support the cause so dear to its heart. Not only that – but Pennies enabled them to dramatically increase the amount it could raise as a business:

“Our store teams have done such an amazing job talking to our customers about [Pennies] – really explaining at till point what their 25p does… Since we’ve reopened post lockdown, we’ve made more in the last year than we ever did. Recently, we’ve gone contactless [with Pennies] in all the stores, which has made a huge difference again. I’m over the moon with it – it’s been brilliant!”

Helen Pattinson, Montezuma’s Chocolates
Montezuma's Staff 2022

For Children on the Edge, their authentic relationship with Montezuma’s has been vital to deepening the link between product, brand, and supporting families and children in desperate need in specific regions of the world.

“Montezuma’s are more than just a fantastic partnership. They are friends who stand with side by side in what we’re doing to help create safe, protected places – where marginalised children can thrive and grow.”

Eloise Armstrong, Fundraising Manager, Children on the Edge

Pennies has not only helped to diversity the charity’s income channels, but also offers the chance to engage customers and tell the stories and successes of their work:

“When customers are coming into stores or buying their amazing chocolate online, we know that they are hearing a little bit of the story of Children on the Edge.”

Eloise Armstrong, Fundraising Manager, Children on the Edge

Enjoying chocolate has tangible impact for families

With the funds raised by Montezuma’s customers through Pennies every single month, Children on the Edge are able to provide safe protected spaces to 100 children who can learn, and thrive and play – for a whole month – such as those fleeing war and famine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

That’s a fantastic, tangible result, especially as we get to enjoy delicious sustainably sourced chocolate – while our 25p add up to huge amounts, and it should be noted are also matched by Montezuma’s.

It’s enough to melt our chocolate hearts!

Watch the full story

Watch the video to hear how Pennies helps a business build purpose into brand – hearing from the Montezuma’s partnership.

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Pennies works hand in hand with retailers, charities and payments technology providers to unlock the potential for thousands of customers to donate every day. Together we increase the amount businesses can give by tapping into the industry-wide move to digital payments.

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