Rays of Sunshine: Bringing Wishes to Life Through Micro-Donations

Since 2013, The Fragrance Shop, a dedicated merchant partner of Pennies, has raised over £230K for Rays of Sunshine, with a remarkable £60K donated to the charity just last year.

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Published 2 May, 2024

Partnering with Pennies

Rays of Sunshine brings joy to seriously ill children and their families by granting wishes and providing ongoing support. The Fragrance Shop, in partnership with Pennies, has raised over £230,000.00 for this cause with £60,000.00 donated last year alone.

Pennies micro-donations enables customers at The Fragrance Shop to donate, helping Rays of Sunshine to make wishes come true for children facing illness and allowing them to continue spreading joy and creating unforgettable experiences for children in need like Raniyah. 

Raniyah’s story

In 2020, 17-year-old Raniyah faced a devastating diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Amidst the challenges of treatment, she found comfort in her lifelong love for Disney. When Rays of Sunshine, partnered with Pennies, offered her a wish, Raniyah’s dream of becoming a voice-over artist for a day came true.

“Putting Disney down as my first-choice wish, I thought I was pushing my luck – but the Rays of Sunshine Wish Granters really worked their magic!” says Raniyah.

At the Disney studios in London, Raniyah’s nerves turned to excitement as she recorded a voice-over for a scene from the film Encanto. Guided by a Disney sound engineer, her laughter filled the studio, bringing joy to her cancer journey.

Raniyah says. “As a child, I remember saving up my pocket money to collect Disney DVDs – and I was standing in the same room where so many Disney classics had been created!”

Raniyah’s wish granted by Rays of Sunshine provided a much-needed break, inspiring her with confidence and fueling her dream of pursuing a career in voice-over work. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of hope, bringing light to the darkest of days.

“It gave me the chance to have some news about myself that wasn’t solely focused on the hospital or my treatment.” Raniyah says.

Transforming Lives Together

For Raniyah, her wish granted by Rays of Sunshine was more than just a day at Disney; it was a lifeline of hope and possibility. As a national charity dedicated to granting wishes and providing ongoing support to seriously ill young people and their families, through partnerships like the one with The Fragrance Shop, Pennies longstanding merchant partner, Rays of Sunshine bring moments of hope and joy to the lives of those who need it most.

Just two hours of micro-donations from The Fragrance Shop customers could help Rays of Sunshine fund an isolation pack for a seriously ill child to benefit from when in hospital.

Just over a day of micro-donations from The Fragrance Shop customers could help Rays of Sunshine buy a set of sensory bags for a hospital to support seriously ill children in their care.

Just over a week of micro-donations from The Fragrance Shop customers could help Rays of Sunshine fund a wish for a seriously ill child to go to their favorite UK theme park including transportation and overnight accommodation.

How you can benefit from Pennies

Contact us today and become part of the Pennies family, where every micro-donation adds up to make a positive difference for charities across the UK and beyond. Let’s work together to make every penny count!

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