Read how we are unlocking millions of donations for hundreds of charities and deepening the impact of the micro-donation movement in the Pennies Impact Report 2017/18.

Impact Report 2017/18Welcome to the 2017/18 Impact Report. This year, in our latest publication, we are delving into the growing impact we’re making though the evolution in our technology offerings.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve seen developments to expand our reach, opening micro-donations to more and more consumers and businesses across new and broadening sectors.

With the help of our partners we have been able to expand into accessibility with Apple Pay, allowing consumers to donate via iOS apps; introduced our first countless solution with Worldpay and The Entertainer; and have facilitated a rise in omnichannel giving. Unlocking this technology has allowed over 50 retailers to offer their customers a way to donate in an easy, flexible, ad-hoc and data-free way.

As well as our impact though innovation, this year’s impact report gives an insight into how these technological advances have made a real difference, exploring how millions of digital pennies have all added up to support Teenage Cancer Trust, Fulham FC Foundation and one of The Entertainers children’s charities – The Grand Appeal. You can also read more about the impact we have had on the other charities we support here.

We offer a huge Pennies thank you to all of our partners, collaborators and supporters, and we hope that you can engage with our impact and join us building, growing and expanding the micro-donation movement. We look forward to another year of encouraging giving, developing technology and raising millions for many more charities.

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