Flooid to enable millions more micro-donations with Pennies

Flooid, the market-leading unified commerce platform, is offering top tier retailers an easy way to grow their social impact through a new partnership with Pennies.

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Published 6 July, 2022

Flooid, the market-leading unified commerce platform, is offering top tier retailers an easy way to grow their social impact through a new partnership with Pennies.

Thanks to a strong partnership and joint product team initiative, Flooid has fully integrated micro-donations non-profit leader Pennies’ digital charity box’ to its unified commerce platform – which is trusted by many of the world’s largest grocery, fashion, specialty, luxury and fuel retailers.

Retailers and hospitality businesses can use Flooid’s platform in conjunction with their payments services provider to encourage customers to round-up transactions and donate. Flooid expects its retail customers to begin adopting Pennies functionality this year — massively accelerating their charitable impacts and helping Pennies to push on with its own growth plans.

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Donna Stevens, Senior Vice President, Product & Marketing at Flooid, said:

“We are a socially-conscious business and Pennies is a wonderful concept, much-loved by retailers and their customers. With Pennies, take-up levels of optional donations have hit more than 50% in some cases. As many of our customers process hundreds of thousands of transactions each day, incorporating Pennies could be a game-changer for both their individual chosen charities and the micro-giving sector as a whole.”

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The Pennies and Flooid partnership supports a fully flexible and agile approach to charitable feature/functionality. Retailers can choose their preferred charity partner and swap between different charities at different times of the year. Suggested donation levels, text prompts, plus other optionality such as suggested percentage donations can be changed as business priorities evolve. Prompting for charitable donation has also been shown to have little negative impact on checkout times in store or online baskets, even at peak times.

When a customer chooses to donate, 90% of funds goes to the retailer’s nominated charity cause, and 10% to Pennies, which uses this income to increase its own footprint to generate additional digital fundraising for UK charities. Flooid makes no income from the arrangement. It is providing this native product capability as part of its own Environmental, Social and Governance priority drive, which extends to internal practices such as a recently created payroll-based way for its employees to donate to charities of their choice.

Alison Hutchinson CBE, CEO of Pennies, said:

“The scale and pedigree of Flooid’s retail customers is unrivalled, and offers enormous opportunity to accelerate our positive impact. We’re already seeing huge interest from Flooid customers, so we hope that soon more Top Tier retailers will be encouraging top-ups to charity partners. We look forward to adding to the 70+ well known UK brands that already trust us to help them to increase their social impact.”

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Pennies is an award-winning micro-donations charity, which operates the leading ‘digital charity box’, and partners with payment technology providers and retailers to prompt shoppers with an option to donate a few pence as they pay for goods in-store, online or with their mobile phones. Over almost 12 years, this simple solution has generated an incredible 145 million micro-donations, raising £36,000,000 for good causes.

Notes for Editors

For more information contact Rob Dyson, Head of PR at Pennies, on rob.dyson@pennies.org.uk
or Andy Howell, Marketing Director at Pennies, on andy.howell@pennies.org.uk.

About Flooid

Flooid is a market-leading unified commerce platform that enables retail and hospitality brands to sell to customers flexibly and consistently, wherever they are and however they choose to shop. Our solutions enable retailers to select the right mix of services and tech partners to facilitate the selling journey that’s right for every customer. See www.flooid.com.

To find out more about the Flooid and Pennies partnership, email marketing@flooid.com.

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