We believe that giving isn’t just seasonal (of course), but one date in the calendar does encourage extra giving… It’s global Giving Tuesday time once more!

Here at Pennies, the fintech charity making digital giving simple, we know from the thousands of people adding small extra donations to their payments each week that giving is all year round. If there’s one thing proven time and again it’s that the UK public are hugely generous and are driven by giving when they can. 

However, the aim of Giving Tuesday (this year on 30th November 2021) is to encourage and celebrate giving in all its forms – for example for retailers or hospitality brands that could mean “match-giving” what customers donate; for a day, a week, or even a month!  

Let’s look at ways we can all give some extra support on Giving Tuesday – from a Pennies perspective, for the big #GiveBack.


Donate when you pay at Pennies’ partner

You can give back a little with Pennies by adding a donation when you pay, at over 70 retail, services and hospitality brands across the UK, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. And we’re multi-channel, so look out for the Pennies logo – and charity branding – in-store, online and in app. See a list of some of our growing partners here. It’s generally always an option of a few pennies, but these add up to significant impact. Just press “yes” when presented with the option to donate, and we’ll do the rest.

Enable Pennies for your customers

We now have so many solutions and options for Pennies! Why not put social purpose at the heart of your business and talk to us about offering micro-donations to you customers? By putting your charity support front and centre, you can encourage giving, celebrate the funds raised, and say thanks back to consumers. Pennies also makes colleagues feel proud about the impact their company is having in local and national communities and lives.

Help unlock tech for good

During the height of the first waves and lockdowns of the pandemic, around 80% of our partners were closed to customers – – but we didn’t rest on our laurels, and instead worked hard with our technology and payments friends to develop even more solutions for micro-donations for when stores could open again; including Order and Pay at Table options.  

If you are a paytech, fintech or technology firm, there is huge value you can add – and ultimately help us offer the chance to donate and make a difference to thousands more customers. Let’s have a conversation!


Our progress

Over the last 11 years, Pennies and our wonderful partners have unlocked £32million in new, additional and vital funding for over 750 UK charities – equalling over 130.9million individual donations made. 

Our aim is to make our next 100million micro-donations in a quarter of that time, and with us all coming together it’s more than a possibility.  

Beneficiary from Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity

So happy Giving Tuesday, please do what you can as an individual – including just giving to some causes that mean something to you. And hopefully, this can also be the start of a year-round commitment to joining the #GiveBack movement.  

Because micro-donations matter, now more than ever. 


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