Our new micro-donations report, including new interviews with sector leaders, shows customers and stakeholders are demanding practical social action from brands – and outlines how micro-donations offer a significant opportunity for business in 2021.

Today we are excited to officially launch our new Micro-donations Report, which you can download for free here.

The report is a must-read for consumer-facing businesses exploring their ESG agendas, and looks at the rise in ‘ethical consumers’ and colleagues demanding more from brands, and the business benefits of micro-donations. It is also recommended reading for charities having conversations with corporate partners about new income streams.

Micro-donations report: placing social purpose at the heart of business

2020, in part due to seismic shifts created by COVID-19, has seen a rise in eCommerce and a further decline in the use of cash, meaning charities need to embrace more diverse, digital means of fundraising. This year clearly saw a huge decline in charitable donations at a time when charities need them more than ever.

Micro-donations are making a huge difference: small amounts of money, often just pennies, donated digitally, usually at point of sale. With record sales reported from Black Friday and Cyber-Monday, the potential of leveraging digital engagement and interaction to drive real social change has never been more urgent.

The Micro-donations Report features testimonials and learnings from CEOs of leading brands, and echos observations made at our virtual Event in November 2020, including a significant acceleration in 3 things in 2020:

  • A growth in ethically-driven consumers
  • A renewed sense of social purpose for retailers and hospitality businesses
  • The runaway success of ecommerce, and the growing demise of cash

If you’re looking to accelerate your ESG efforts in 2021, or explore new sources of fundraising for your corporate partnerships, Pennies would love to talk with you.

Please download and read the report, and get in touch. We’ve love to hear from you.



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