Pennies was thrilled to have been invited to speak at the Emerging Payments Awards 2015, held at The Lancaster in London on Thursday 15 October.

EPA and Pennies table webThe Emerging Payments Association has chosen us to be their charity partner, which will help raise Pennies profile in this exciting and fast-paced industry.

Our CEO Alison Hutchinson took to the stage before the celebrated awards – now in their 8th year – to thank the innovation of the payments industry so far; and urged technology providers to help us make more retailers ‘Pennies-ready’.

Pennies has revived the simple act of putting spare change in a charity box, by digitising the process for an increasingly cashless society. But we need the help of payments providers to support frictionless, affordable and anonymous giving when paying by card.

Tony CraddockDirector General of the Emerging Payments Association, said: “The key to significant consumer adoption of a new payment tool is to make it simple and effortless.

“Pennies has identified an ideal point in the payment process to target the consumer, in a way that is familiar through tipping in restaurants. Given the complexity of the industry, the success of any emerging payments initiative relies on good collaboration with the right partners. The EPA is delighted to be playing its part in supporting a good cause through our community alongside our mission of advancing payment innovation.”

We marked a huge milestone last month by hitting over 21 million micro-donations – benefitting over 100 UK registered charities.

Read about our existing technology partners and see how you can help the Pennies movement here.


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