How Freddie’s Flowers Became the First Brand to Offer Recurring Micro-donations with Pennies

Flower delivery brand, Freddie’s Flowers, worked with Pennies to add a micro-donation option to their subscription offering. The integration was optimised for their unique customer proposition and has seen thousands of customers opt-in to date, raising vital funds to support people living with dementia.

Freddie’s Flowers were committed to raising more money for their charity partner Dementia Adventure, whose aim is to provide a more active and fulfilled life for everyone living with dementia through supported holidays, training and support. 

The team wanted to work with Pennies to offer their customers the option to add a micro-donation to their flower delivery orders. But, as a leading e-commerce subscription retailer, any new additions to their customer proposition needed careful evaluation, ensuring they protect and enhance customer acquisition and retention. 

What we did.

Working hand in hand with Pennies, Freddie’s Flowers decided to pilot a recurring micro-donation option with their existing customers. Pennies worked closely with the development team to ensure a seamless integration with the existing user experience. 

Through their account settings, customers are given the option to add a £0.20 donation to every order, with information about charity partner Dementia Adventure, and the potential impact of donations, clearly available at the point of donation. Customers can opt-in and out at any time with a single click. 

Pennies really understood our challenges as a direct to consumer subscription business and worked with us to deliver an optimal integration with our existing customer experience. The donation option has proved intuitive for our customers and we’ve been really pleased with the response – with thousands opting in to support Dementia Adventure on their mission to ensure people living with dementia can experience and benefit from the power of nature.

Ted Bell

CEO, Freddie's Flowers

The impact.

Initially, the new donation option was ‘soft-launched’, with no specific customer communications about how to donate, to see how customers would respond organically. The response was exceptionally positive, with more than 22,500 donations in support of Dementia Adventure from 2,760 individual customers within the first year.

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positive resULTS

A positive response in the first year resulted in 22,500 donations from 2,760 customers for Dementia Adventure.

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strong support

Micro-donations in 2% of transactions showed strong support despite no communication.

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Donations greatly impacted Dementia Adventure, funding breaks for couples with dementia to reconnect and stay active.

During this pilot, micro-donations were added to 2% of all possible transactions – a significant conversion rate considering there had been no signposting or communications to customers. Freddie’s Flowers were delighted with the results which proved customer support for the donation option, and have since begun promoting Pennies more widely to their customer base.

So far, customer donations have enabled charity partner Dementia Adventure to fund four couples on a supported dementia break to Norfolk. These breaks allow beneficiaries to spend time together as a couple again and help them discover just how active they can still be while living with dementia. 

“By the end of the holiday I felt like a wife for the first time in a decade, rather than a carer. I felt that very strongly.” – Dementia Adventure beneficiary 

We’ve been proud to partner with Freddie’s Flowers to deliver the first micro-donation option within subscription and recurring payments. Giving more customers a truly affordable way to regularly donate, in a space where they are already making a regular payment, could be truly game-changing for charities.

Rob Rees

Digital Business Development Manager, Pennies

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