Toolstation and Pennies: Joining a movement for change

For Toolstation, joining the Pennies family and inviting its customers to give a little in-store, was also about joining a wider movement for change. In our latest partner testimonial film, James Mackenzie from Toolstation – and Nicki Gibson from Macmillan Cancer Support – talk about the impact.

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Published 20 February, 2023

Consumers are demanding evidence of responsible business

In 2021, Toolstation partnered with Pennies as a way of building on its support and fundraising for its long term supported charity Macmillan Cancer Support. James Mackenzie, Managing Director of Toolstation and incoming Managing Director of parent company, Travis Perkins, saw Pennies as an opportunity to join an existing movement for change – as the trend for consumers and colleagues seeking evidence of responsible business increases.

As James says in the video, “I think companies have always needed to be purposeful. And that was always coming from colleagues. But what we’re now starting to see is customers getting increasingly demanding as well, and also shareholders. And certainly, I know in the businesses that I’m part of, being responsible and doing good is part of our DNA.”

Let’s talk. Pennies as a conversation starter

For long term charity partner, Macmillan Cancer Support, Pennies has became a key ally in helping Toolstation in-store colleagues engage with its customers, a huge number being personally affected by cancer.

Toolstation and Pennies supporting Macmillan Cancer Support

Nicki Gibson, Macmillan Cancer Support: “Pennies enables our partnership [with Toolstation] to stand for more than raising funds. It facilitates conversations at the point of purchase with passionate Toolstation staff having conversations with customers about our cause and in time raising awareness about cancer and the services Macmillan provides.”

Convenience and micro-giving

For Toolstation a big factor is the convenience of Pennies – incorporating giving into a simple act and something we can all do every day as we shop. It also provides the scale that the brand were seeking, as well as the need to keep things smooth and simple for customers.

James Mackenzie from Toolstation talking about Pennies

James Mackenzie: “I think firstly – what a fabulous charity [Pennies is] that’s helping other charities. It’s an enabler for charities to access millions of customers. And, secondly, it’s an enabler for merchants, retailers, and hospitality – to really find a way of connecting with their customers; which isn’t clunky.”

Toolstation customers immediately took to Pennies, and colleagues have enjoyed the easy, and no-pressured way, that customers can help the business make an even bigger impact on a cause so clearly close to the heart of the brand.

Watch the full story

Watch the video to hear how Pennies has enabled Toolstation to connect to their customers, improving the consumer experience, and reach the brand’s ambition to raise as much as possible for its supported charity Macmillan Cancer Support.

Find out more

Pennies works hand in hand with retailers, charities and payments technology providers to unlock the potential for thousands of customers to donate every day. Together we increase the amount businesses can give by tapping into the industry-wide move to digital payments.

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